Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager; a Tale of Two Applications


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Google Analytics (GA) is by far the most popular analytics tools in today's market, and Google Tag Manager (GTM) is one of the most important players among all Tag Management Systems. They both are very complex under the hood, however most users never go beyond scratching the surface mostly because of their simple and intuitive user interface. That eventually results in inefficient data collection and inaccurate business decision making.

This workshop is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of digital data collection and analytics lifecycle using GA and GTM, and to show you how the two applications work together to collect actionable data for better decision making in your organization across your development environment, marketing, IT, and other teams.

Your take away:
* Web and digital analytics fundamentals
* Data collection concepts and techniques
* GA and GTM fundamentals and environments
* Setup and implement GA and GTM; demos will be on Web and Android App
* Develop data collection model
* Debug data collection and data quality
* Best practices and standards
In the workshop, we will dive deep into the very complex topics of analytics data semantics, collection, processing, and reporting in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

This workshop is for you if you can check one of the below:
- You are a web developer and understand how HTTP and web browsers work, with some knowledge of JavaScript coding
- You have a basic understanding of Android app development and related concepts
This workshop can be useful for you if:
- You are a data lover and work in related role such as data collection, processing, or reporting, and would like to make a career shift to web and digital analytics
- You are working in digital analytics role and want to gain a deeper understanding of how GA and GTM works
This workshop is not for you if:
- You expect to learn about digital marketing, social media analytics, or SEO
- You expect to learn about business intelligence, or data warehousing

Behdad Barati

Behdad Barati has worked in tech industry for over 20 years putting on various hats from network infrastructure designer to application development and system engineering.

His journey with digital analytics began in early 2009 when he architected a web analytics tool for couple of high traffic real estate search engines in US, and worked with team of developers and data experts to implement the system and make sense of the data. Since 2011 he's infused web and digital analytics into the mix, blending his background in software and systems engineering, business process development, and data science with artistic approach to data visualization and analysis.

At his company, Cyberlitix, he helps diverse clientele to adopt culture of using data in their day to day business decisions making, develop solid digital measurement strategies, implement high quality digital data collection procedures, conduct actionable data analysis, and acquire insights to constantly improve online presence.

He organizes web analytics community in Vancouver BC, tutors analytics courses at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and always welcomes an opportunity to chat about web and digital analytics.

Pouria Mahmoudi

Pouria Mahmoudi has worked as software engineer for over 10 years and has experience on different domains of software development.

He has worked as Database Administrator and Data Warehouse Analyst-Data Integration (ETL) & Reporting Analysis (OLAP reporting). He is currently a full stack developer with focus on Java, Python, Spring and Angular framework.

His hobby is to develop applications for Natural Language Processing (NLP), Network Analysis, Data classification and Regression.