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Meet Friends is part of MPCEvents (https://www.mpcevents.com/), Chicago's largest social group. All our events have 60 - 120 people in attendance, most who are new to the city and many come solo. Find out why we have connected thousands. Be a member for as low as $9.99 a month (https://www.mpcevents.com/) and go to most of our events for free!

"Peter - I want to say thank you. All my good friends and the love of my life, I have met through your events. Now I have a beautiful baby and it's all because of you!" - Jill

"Before I found out about your events, I stayed home and was a loner. Now I find myself being a social butterfly. My confidence level has never been higher. I've met so many friends and wonderful people. Thank you for what you have done!" - Sarah

"Peter, you probably don't remember me but I went to last year's Division Street Bar Crawl. I met this girl from Dubai and I had the week of my life. I just want to say thank you." - Tall young guy

The three above comments were made by our members. These are just three out of hundreds I have gotten over the last several years. It's hard to explain to people over a web page on why we're different and why I started this group in the first place. And to be honest, it's almost impossible to explain. I see so many comments on Meetup about how to meet people, on doing a "pre-meetup" before a meetup, on how to even show up at an event. It's because these people have never been to my events. And they think, accurately for the most part, that it's not just hard to meet people, but scary too. Who wouldn't be? But our meetups are not like any others. We're genuine, authentic and real. All our members are no different than other meetups that are disappointing but what makes us different is in our culture. We are an inclusive, friendly and social group. Why and how? Because we created this culture since our first meetup 4 years ago. And since then thousands have been to our events, thousands more have connected, hundreds have met their best friends and even over a dozen have gotten married. Yup, all this because of a passion to connect others. Read my two blogs and you will understand why I did all this: How It All Started (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/blog/62-meet-people-chicago-how-it-all-started) and Creating a Phenomenon (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/blog/26-creating-a-phenomenon).

Now, creating all these events hundreds of them a year so we can connect thousands of Chicagoans take much effort and time. That's why for the most part we charge a small fee, usually $10 for our events for our hosting and organizing services as well as event expenses. Or if you want to save money, subscribe for just $9.99 a month (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/join) and go to our events at no extra charge. We hope you understand for a small amount we are able to change lives for the better.

So, don't worry about meeting people here. I guarantee you that you will have a good time and that you will meet interesting people. If you are still nervous (and it's okay) just direct message me and I will try my best to answer your questions.

-Peter Shen, Founder of MPCEvents

Welcome to New Bar Meet Friends Every Two Weeks for 20's and 30's! We are one of the fastest growing meetup groups. Why? Simple. Unlike other social meetup groups, where they recycle 2-3 places, we will actually do what we promise to do in our name; new bar, meet friends, every two weeks. Awesome and Brilliant!

We are an adventurous group. Besides meeting new people and making new friends, we actually explore Chicago by going to new neighborhoods, trying out new bars, new beers, and new drinks. If you are a fun, outgoing, and friendly person, this meetup is for you. Or if you like to be more fun and adventurous, join us too! You will be among friends.

Every two weeks, young professionals come together to drink, socialize and to explore Chicago. For example, have you always wanted to visit a Chicago neighborhood but never gotten the chance? Always wanted to do a pub crawl with an awesome group of people? Check out rooftop bars, riverfront bars, beer gardens? How about something different like Jazzin' at the Shedd? Hanging out with friends at a street festival? Heck, how about going to the most fun block party in Chicago? Yes! Yes! Yes!

In short, New Bar outings are the best social events to meet people and make new friends.

Join us and RSVP to our events to see how much fun you'll be having. Our unique events are always packed and our members always have a great time. We're all cool and friendly. In fact, many of our members are already friends. At the minimum you'll be having a great time exploring Chicago (for real!) and meeting new people. C'mon and hop in the fun train!

New Bar events are hosted by MPCEvents.com (http://meetpeoplechicago.com/). Welcome to the Phenomenon (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/blog/26-creating-a-phenomenon).

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Every week, 100s of people join Chicago's number social party group. Everybody is welcome, so tell your friends and join us!

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