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This is NOT a Meetup event where we physically meet, but it is an
meetup that you are asked to "Attend" (Sign UP - Click on the
Meet Up attend button).
Why do I want you to sign up, because we need to know
collectively that our voices are rising in unison, together we can
send a message to our elected officials to heed our request to
make the world a better safer place to live and thrive for all

We suspect and believe pesticide use is likely not a healthy choice
for the planet. For example: The USA has the highest infant
mortality rate of all industrialized nations. Why if the USA has
the best hospitals, the best doctors, the best health care on the
planet, why are our fetus's and infants dying in greater numbers
than a 4th world country which has no clean water, no hospital
care, and no electricity? ? ? What is the problem ? Could it
be toxins in your air, your water, your food ???
You cannot wash pesticides off your food, it is in the food. You
are probably not going to wear a breathing apparatus
and probably not filtering to toxins out of the water. Therefore, you WILL probably get cancer. In the USA, about 1 out of 3 women, 1 out of 2 men will get cancer. Don't believe that cancer strikes the older generation, Studies are showing cancer rates are rising faster for YOUNGER people than for older people. What does that mean? Well something is wrong ! We need to change, and that change needs to start with the individual.

What can we do.? Ask yourself, is anything more important than your health? A healthy you is better able to serve others, and be the best you.

1. education.
2. encourage others to educate themselves.
3. Money: buy food from and support local CSA and Organic farmers near your home which engage in sustainable agricultural practices.
4. Send communications to your local, state, federal
representatives. This meet Up is one such communication.
5. Vote out representatives that do not listen.

Sign up, attend this meetup, educate and communicate.
Join me in sending a letter to our WI representative by going to
the Pesticide Action Network web site ( ) educate yourself about the risks of pesticide issue . If you want
to help, and desire to be a part of the solution to create a better
world, from the P.A.N. web site, simply click on the Orange
colored " ACT NOW " button.

"Someday we shall look back on this dark era of agriculture and
shake our heads. How could we have ever believed that it was a
good idea to grow our food with poisons?" —Dr. Jane Goodall