UFO, The alien agenda, friend or foe, or NEITHER.

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In all your endeavors, be skeptical, investigate, ask questions and don't believe everything you hear, there is MORE dis-information than truth and how do we tell the truth from a lie ? ?

January 2019 the History channel began a series on the Project Blue Book, The first season will consist of ten episodes. The series is based on the real-life Project Blue Book, a series of studies on unidentified flying objects. Anyone familiar with PBB knows these cases although interesting actually pale in comparison to far more sensational reports. PBB'S primary focus and objective was not to prove the existence of UFO's but to basically deny and debunk any and all sightings of UFO's The program "ended" in 1969 with the declaration that UFO's were not real thus the military had no further reason or interest to investigate them. Fast forward to December 16, 2018 on this day, CNN, FOX, Wash Post, NY Times simultaneously revealed that UAP's were being studied by a secret Pentagon program called AATIP it existed from 2007 to 2012 and its function was to catalog, study, and analyze the aerial characteristics of UAP's. The project collected data on UAP aerial flight characteristics such as acceleration, deceleration, velocities, electric and magnetic signatures, radar avoidance and jamming capabilities, propulsion methods, and other scientific flight data. In summary, PBB of 1969 denied all UFO existence, then in 2018 we discover exactly the opposite, the military was actually STUDYING UAP flight characteristics !!! Our pentagon, by virtue of studying UAP's, just admitted the phenomena is real and not only real but worthy of study and research and funding to the tune of tens of millions of your tax dollars.!.!

Consider the below case for example, this is one case of many military encounters with UAP. This case is reported by a few brave individuals who reported what is now known as the TIC TAC encounter of 2004. There are many more Nimitz videos and reports available on the web regarding this one encounter, see what you can find, see if you can put all the pieces together about this one event, its very interesting. The more you investigate this one report, the weirder it gets. And that seems to be the case with many UAP sightings, that is, an element of high strangeness and by that I mean something more than just advanced aerial flight capabilities, I am referring to mental telepathy, mind reading, possibly even manipulation of our spiritual essence. Its possible and seems likely, UAP's are more than simply a nuts and bolts phenomena concerning advanced technology, there might be more than we know ! One thing does seem to be true, the UAP phenomena is a global interest, sightings, reports, military encounters are being reported by everyone from African & Australian aboriginy's, to native americans, to US astronauts and even a us president and for decades, if not centuries or more.

Remember, Have Fun and In all that you do, be good to one another as we explore the nature of this amazing reality. Like Red Green says: we're in this together!

This is one of the best documented UAP sightings in recent times:
Retired commander pilot David Fravor
Trevor E4 (Petty Officer 3rd Class) Naval Op Specialist
Retired Sr Chief Petty Officer Kevin Day
Retired Pentagon AATIP Dir Luiz Elizondo
Retired Sen Harry Reid
Astronaut Gordon Cooper
Kevin Day
Richard C. Doty
PJ Hughes
Jason Turner