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Life Activation Sessions with Lisa Beaucher
Life Activation A life activation is an ancient healing modality that has been handed down from Master to student since the time of King Solomon over 3,000 years ago. Originally, the life activation was used as a rite of passage to activate high priests, priestesses, prophets and oracles of their time. Today this scared healing modality is available to all. It provides a deeper understanding and knowledge of who you are, why you are here and the ability to work through our new understanding of ourselves. This modality also helps to deal with ancestral influences healing back 5 generations. At the root of many personal challenges can be feelings of worthlessness, self-doubt and insecurity. Our decisions are often based on fear, whether consciously or subconsciously, often by the many people we grew up with. A life activation gently reconnects us to our true divine self. This transformative healing modality allows us to live, create and express ourselves as we are truly meant to be. Our DNA defines the uniqueness of us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This 22 strand DNA activation infuses your body with pure divine light, awakening your divine blueprint. The light cuts through blockages, weaknesses and empowers you to understand your life purpose, your destiny, creates a sense of stability and inner strength. Life Activation Benefits: Clear negative family traits and karmic patterns that have been passed onto you Relief from stress and anxiety Strengthen your immune system Greater physical and mental energy Increased brain function and clarity of thought Strengthen concentration and focus Bring clarity to your life purpose Increased emotional stability Allows the flow of creativity Assist manifestation of your true desires and anchor it into the physical Attract and create positive relationships Feel more love, joy and peace within yourself and others The session begins with a consultation. Then to prepare you for the Life Activation you will have seven energy fields completely balanced and aligned. The activation will then be done using crystals and sacred tools. Session: $250 (120 min session) In addition, you will receive a one (1) month supply of Purification and Crystals, which are vibrational elixirs, that will assist to facilitate the clearing of old energy and integrate the new energy. To book your session CLICK HERE. Any questions: email Lisa directly: [masked]

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