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PSYCHIC MESSAGE CIRCLES: Fun... Fun... Fun... on a Friday evening!

Price: $50.00 /per person

New Hampshire Metaphysical

3 Sanborn Rd (Rt. 28) (On top of COZY KIDS) · Londonderry, NH

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This unique Psychic event has 5 circles that hold approximately 8 participants. You will be assigned a Group to sit with all evening- moving 5 times throughout the evening to sit with a different Psychic-Medium. Bring your friends or make new ones! Individual reservations or bookings for groups up to 8 people. In each setting, all in your Circle will receive Psychic/Intuitive greetings. You can ask questions or just see what information they have for you. We suggest arriving around 6:30 - 6:45 so you can settle in and meet the other people in your circle.

THIS EVENT SELLS OUT IN ADVANCE. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Reserve your spots by contacting: [masked][masked]

Cost for General Admission is $50 per person. Pay cash at the door or via credit card (here on


This was a FIVE STAR EVENT!!!! WE MUST DO IT AGAIN !!! Tonight's event was one for the books! It was amazing to have The opportunity to have readings with such gifted psychic mediums!! I enjoyed every moment and the messages and insights were beyond my wildest dreams, with accuracy and connections to deceased loved ones! Thank you Julianne & Rich, Genevieve ,Chrissy and Colleen!! For an amazing evening with spirit💖💋😇. Love & Blessings , Caroline

Amazing, thank you all for the messages that coincided with each other. Awesome Donna Lee Williams

I would like to thank everyone. Had a very good time, I would do it again. Love, Leslie

Thank you all for such a great Friday night filled with Spirit Love and meeting new people! Sarah H.

As always this night was awesome and just wonderful! I have an unbelievable time every time I go! Sending good, positive energies for to all. Love these Friday nights! - Leslie


Nancy Smith: Akashic Record & Angelic Readings, Medium & Spirit Artist

Nancy teaches, lectures and demonstrates at Spiritualist churches and at various Metaphysical or Spiritual Centers around New England in the New England area. Nancy is also an author and illustrator.

Nancy Smith is a gifted psychic medium who helps people connect to loved ones who have transitioned to “the other side” as well as spirit guides and other energies who have a message for them. Nancy sees her job as a psychic medium is not only to help people to connect with their loved ones, but also support them to follow their own spiritual journey. She delivers the message of love from spirit through her artwork. As she connects with Spirit, Nancy is able to draw the likeness of the communicating spirit with pencil and pastel on paper. Nancy lectures, teaches and demonstrates mediumship at Spiritualist churches throughout New England as well as in her private studio in North Andover. Nancy is also an author and illustrator. Award winning Author ofDivine Love Affair An Akashic Journey. Read more and view spirit art samples at (

RICH DAWE: Psychic Medium

My name is Rich, and I am here to help. Questions about Love, Relationships, Money, Career and more are answered in my Intuitive Sessions. Deep connections with Loved Ones in Spirit are vividly brought through in my Mediumship Sessions. Expect laugher, love, healing and wisdom when you speak with me. Most importantly know that my practice is heart-centered.

Bingo! You were “right on the money” when I came to see you in Londonderry to get a Psychic Reading about my finances. What a mess I have made of things, but thank god there is a change coming in the New Year. I plan to do EXACTLY what you suggested. I can sleep at night now knowing that I have options. My home means everything to me. Jim Blandine

I was given the greatest gift from God - allowed to find and marry my sole mate- however I lost him suddenly. Last night I received my 2nd unimaginable gift through Rich who channeled my husband and delivered gravely needed information and messages. I want to wholeheartedly thank Rich for his love and strength and willingness to allow himself to be a vessel and messenger of critically needed information for peace and enlightenment. And for his precious gift of Mediumship THANK YOU RICH! Caroline Sinagra Check Rich's website out (

JULIE ANN GADZIALA: Psychic, Mediumship, Channeled Readings

Julie Ann Gadziala is a gifted Psychic Medium, Channeler, Spiritual Guide and Spiritual Business Coach. Choose the connection you wish during her Circle and watch as the information pours through.

"A very good friend of mine recommended Julie Ann to me and I'm so glad she did! Julie Ann can telling what's going on in my life before I say anything. Her readings have always been spot on every time! She goes out of her way to even send you pictures of the cards that are drawn. She is compassionate and professional, she also has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend Julie Ann!" Heather M. Hinesburg, VT

"Julie Ann is an exceptional reader! She reads with compassion and really gets to the heart of what your concerns are. There is a great sense of care and sincerity to her readings, and her messages are always thorough and on point! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain intuitive insight " Tiffany L. – Hull MA Check our Julie Ann's website (

RENEE WALSH - Destiny Readings working with your Birth Date information

A Destiny Reading is based on the belief is that we have all chosen our lives, chosen many of the people in our lives as well as many of the situations that come up throughout the course of our lives. We chose this because, at a soul level, we wanted to learn, to evolve, and to grow.

“Renee has a brilliant mind and is a great communicator. She loves the Cards and loves to share her knowledge with others. She is really an advocate for her clients self-transformation and empowerment.” – Robert Lee Camp, Author, Grand Master/ Order of the Magi

“It was such a pleasure working with you. You offered me amazing insight into myself and the opportunities that are coming my way. Your reading was delivered with compassion, wisdom and humor. I enjoy meeting with you to get the overall picture of the upcoming year or to review an issue I am working with. Your guidance has helped me get through some tough times and given me hope for the future.” – Cindi Richard. Check Renee's website ( out

LAURIE PERKINS: Animal Communication, Psychic Intuitive & Mediumship Readings.

For animal intuitive sessions: While looking at a picture of your pets (must bring a photo of your pet with you if you want her to make a Pet-Connection). Laurie will be able to answer questions about your pets and give you messages from them.

Laurie is very gifted and caring with her readings and we both thank her for the validation and peace she gave to my husband. He actually said that he wished his reading time had been longer as he was “taken back at how accurate” she was. Thank you Laurie. Steve and LuAnn J.

Laurie was extremely accurate with the information she received from Cody (our dog). He told her of his hip pain. Laurie was able to work with her guides to connect and help Cody with his hip issue. We noticed a great improvement to his mobility. Prior to Laurie he was unable to climb the stairs without assistance from us. After he was once again able to navigate the stairs on his own. She was caring and compassionate with her messages and healings. I feel that Cody looked forward to them. (Remote healings). Thank you Laurie for everything. Gayle G.

Leslie Hoffman:Angel Channel, Spirit Medium, Psychic Guidance, Animal Intuitive.

Angel Channel, Spirit Medium, Psychic Guidance, Animal Intuitive. Leslie is a gifted Channel through which Angels will bring you uplifting messages of clarity to help with decision making, Soul soothing, closure, validation and guidance. She is a Spirit Medium bringing crossed over loved ones to you for healing, laughter and love and a Psychic for guidance and counseling for you or your loved ones. Leslie has the unique ability of being an Animal Intuitive/Communicator for those creatures living and crossed that we love so much.

Leslie Hoffman has clients in New York, throughout New England, down the East Coast and into Florida. She does many holistic, health and psychic events, as well as lectures and teachings in both New Hampshire and Florida along with many other places in her travels.You can also find her at New Hampshire Metaphysical holding Private Sessions and reading at Psychic Message Circles nights. Several times a year she participates in the Union Of Channelers Events at Circles of Wisdom in Andover MA. For more information on Leslie Hoffman Click Here (

"I am in awe of Leslie's gift. The first time we met her, she asked if we were going to Florida. We were leaving in 10 days and would be in Florida. Her beautiful words in an Angel channel gave me comfort after many years of struggling. Should I do what is expected or stick with the choices I have made that protect my heart? Was I making choices that the angels would approve of or would my choices be a disappointment. I am now not only at peace, but my heart is full and I will continue moving forward as they said to do. Leslie is caring and fun." Melissa Gendron Manchester N.H

"​WOW.....What an experience yesterday!!!" Karen Frost Titusville, FL