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This Meetup is sponsored by the Skylands Asatru Fellowship (an Asatru organization based in Northern and Central NJ), but you don't need to be a member of our Fellowship to join the Meetup group or attend many of our events.

Asatru is the ancient religion of the peoples of Northern Europe. We honor Gods and Goddesses such as Odin, Thor, and Freya. This is a group for people interested in learning more about Asatru, meeting like-minded people, and honoring the Gods and Goddesses together. Some events will be educational, some will be religious, some will be social, and many will be a mix of all three.

Upcoming events (3)

Nature Hike: Great Oak Park

Great Oak Park

Let's get out of the house and enjoy a Nature hike in the woods! Come join us to explore a beautiful outdoor location, Great Oak Park -- we'll talk Asatru -- and likely even enjoy a surprise or two!

Asatru 101: Yggdrasil & the 9 Worlds

Online event

We will examine Norse cosmology -- the study of the universe -- by considering the World Tree Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds. This class will be offered via ZOOM.

Haustblót / WInter Nights Celebration

Cheesequake State Park

Skylands Asatru Fellowship will conduct our annual celebration of Haustblot and Winter Nights! This event is open only to members of our Fellowship and invited guests. There will be a $20 fee to cover food and beverages. We will begin the day with a short hike at Cheesequake Park. Then we will visit a member's home for blot and sumbel. We will also provide a BBQ feast!

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SAF Virtual Midsummer Celebration

Online event

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