Past Meetup

Neshaminy Creek Tap Takeover at The Hat Tavern!

Grand Summit Hotel - Hat Tavern

570 Springfield Avenue · Summit, NJ

How to find us

My cell # is 201-602-4608. Call or text when you arrive!

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Let's hit The Hat for Neshaminy Creek tasting and live music!

All our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized. Our lagers are tank conditioned no less than six weeks after primary fermentation, and dry hopped and bottled conditioned versions of any beers may show an additional cloudy and hazy nature.

Trauger Pilsner - Our Pilsner is assertively hopped with Hallertau and Tettnanger noble hops and has a cracker-like malt backbone that finishes crisp and dry coming in at 4.8% ABV, which makes this one highly drinkable (which is the point, duh). We named this beer in honor of the Trauger family of Bucks County who came to America in 1747 and were among some of the earliest German immigrants to the area. In 1756, Johann Christian and Ludwig Wilhelm Trauger purchased two adjoining farmsteads in Nockamixon Township and have been a part of the fabric of this county, state, and country ever since. Twelve generations and more than 15,000 family members later our Head Brewer somehow got lucky enough to be a small leaf of that family tree, and this is our way of looking back not only on that history here in this country, but also our family’s history dating back to Germany. Ironically enough, the Trauger family’s German heritage predates the introduction and widespread popularity of the Pils style, but nonetheless, this beer is brewed and named in their honor.

[/a>County Line IPA – Available in draft and 22 ounce bottles. Our search for a location to start this brewery took us across much of Lower Bucks County, many times traveling down the well known divider between northern Philadelphia, southern Bucks, and Montgomery Counties….County Line Road. One of the original names we thought of for the brewery was that of County Line Brewing Company. I don’t know how or why we didn’t settle on that, but in recognition of our location so close to Philadelphia and that potential namesake, we decided to pass the name on to our flagship IPA that comes in at 6.6% ABV and is chock full of Warrior, Chinook, Simcoe, and Zythos, and Centennial hops. It’s got a bready, slightly cracker-like malt backbone to counter some of that hop bitterness, but not so much that this five hop combination won’t put a smile on your face (or a giant pucker). Our most current versions (thanks Hop contract) are dry hopped with Nugget and give it a huge piney note with a nice lingering hop bitterness showing a complexity of resinous pine notes, and citrusy lemon that few hugely hop forward IPAs lack.

[/a]Tribute Tripel – Available in draft and 22 ounce bottles. “This is the greatest and best song (beer) in the world… Tribute.” Not only are we huge Tenacious D fans, but we’re also huge Belgian Tripel fans, so this is our “Tribute”. Brewed with a whole lot of Pilsen malt, Hallertau and Saaz hops, as well a pinch of coriander and bitter orange peel, Tribute has a soft malt backbone that’s paired with a fruity, citrusy flavor, and spicy, yet not over done phenolic character imparted from our use of a genuine Belgian yeast strain. At 9.3% ABV the alcohol is well hidden and very deceptive, and the dry finish will leave you eager for more. Unlike the draft version, our bottled version is naturally carbonated and bottled conditioned.

[/a]Croydon Cream Ale – Often called your typical American lawnmower beer, cream ales are not unlike their light lager cousin. Brewed with two and six row continental barley, flaked maize, a touch of Munich malt, and of course, sugar, our Cream Ale is light, refreshing, and easy to drink. We also use American Chinook and Liberty hops that give it a touch of hop bitterness and a hint of floral aromatics. 4.4% ABV.

Flood Water Seasonal Series

Mudbank Milk Stout – Our winter stout offering is brewed with a hefty amount of two row barley, as well as Victory, Munich, and Carapils malt. We round it out with some lactose sugar and flaked oat for sweetness and body. While the hops in this beer certainly don’t play a central role, we balance all that malt with a good dose of East Kent Goldings, Fuggles, and Wilamette hops. 6.5% ABV.

March through April

Leon Russian Imperial Stout - Leon is a big beer. So big, it has twice as much malt as any other beer we brew, and also requires us to do a double mash just to reach such a high wort gravity. On top of the copious amounts of two row barley, Munich, Victory, Chocolate, Black Patent, and Caramel 80 malt in this beer each 15 barrel brew has 45 pounds of freshly handmade marshmallow fluff made by our in house chef and Production Manager, Steve Capelli, as well as 16 and half pounds of bittersweet bakers chocolate, and 30 pounds of crumbled graham crackers. Leon clocks in at just over 80 IBUs and 11.6% ABV. Does it taste like a Smore’s? That’s for you to decide, but either way this is one fun beer to make, not to mention drink.

Hop Nut American Brown Ale - Small beers are low alcohol beers usually made from the extra wort of a large beer. This is a small beer from the high gravity mash from our Leon Russian Imperial Stout. Hop Nut Brown Ale comes in at 3.9% ABV and as an added twist, we brew it with 10 pounds of dried, pressed peanuts (which have 85% of the fat and cholesterol removed). When hydrated that makes 27 pounds of peanut ‘butter’. We also finish this beer off with a heap of Citra hops giving this beer a complex mixture of toasty bread, roasted, chunky peanut butter, hints of chocolate and coffee, and a firm resiny, citrus hop bitterness.

May through August

Highwater Hefeweizen – Our version of an authentic Bavarian wheat beer. Brewed with nearly 60% white wheat, Pilsen malt, and a touch of Munich for color and flavor we ferment this beer with an authentic German Hefeweizen yeast that gives it a distinctive fruity banana flavor matched with a light spicy clove finish. German Hallertau and Tettnanger hops are used exclusively in this brew as well making this beer as truly German and authentic as possible. 4.8% ABV.

September through November

Dunks Ferry Dunkelweizen – We stay with the German wheat beer theme for our Fall seasonal. Much like it’s Summertime brother, Dunks Ferry Dunkelweizen has a unique banana and spicy clove character but this time paired with a chewy, bready (dare we say banana bread) malt backbone. Again, we hop this German wheat beer with Hallertau and Tettnanger hops. 5.2% ABV.


The Neshaminator – This is our take on a German wheat bock, but with a small twist. We brew this 8.5% holiday offering with orange blossom honey and keeping true to the style, over 50% wheat along with dark Munich malt, a hint of Chocolate malt, and German Hallertau and Tettnanger hops. While most German bock beers named with the ‘-or’ ending are traditional double bock lagers, we decided to break from tradition a bit with not only the name of this beer, but the use of orange blossom honey as well. Prost!