International Drone Day

Every 12 months on the 1st Saturday

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This event is open to the general public to show 'Drones are Good' so you will need proof of insurance coverage to fly (AMA members are covered) - If you're not an AMA member yet, ask Nick how to join....

Hundreds of teams worldwide meet on this same day to show and educate the public that “Drones” (aka UAVs, quadcopters, multi rotors, and sUAS) are not here to harm, spy, or cause any problems. Rather they can be used for good purposes, such as photography, search & rescue, law enforcement, fighting fires, and for recreational family-friendly FUN.

We encourage Drone enthusiasts, hobbyists and anyone who is curious to attend. You may also bring your drone with you and ask questions or just set them up and have show-and-tell with all of the other Droneits!

The Drone movement in the United States isn’t just a hobby; It’s having a significant impact on technology development and growing local economies, and one of the ultimate goals of International Drone Day is to enhance community engagement with the technology and facilitate connections among New Jersey residents.

We'll have demonstrations and racing with mini-Quad FPV and miniature size up to 3" similar to the Tiny Whoop type ..

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