Organizer, Aerial Video & Photography @ a price you can afford.


Wallington, NJ

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Apr 12, 2010


Tech Director with professional production experience & have a mobile studio multi-camera (live switching) and multi-track audio business, Freelance with FOX and CBS, and own Aerial Video/Photos _ I am also the CEO of Drone Expo LLC

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I set up Flying and Workshops initially in Northern NJ. We'll even have a social night once in a while just to kick back, look at videos and phots, and talk UAVs etc.

What UAV drone(s) do you have or are planning to get?

LotusRC T580P+, s800 clone HEX, Syma x5ws, Spark and Mavic Air.

How did you hear about The NJ Drone User Group?

I created it - and looks like a lot of interest in our area, so I'm hoping many of the members will actually 'get out' and MeetUp _ that IS, after all, what MeetUp's all about. We're NOT Facebook or Twitter - You 'have' to get physical, get away from the computer, and actually meet up to make it a MeetUp.. :)

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I'd better, I wrote them...

If you are under 16, you may join but must have a parent, guardian or authorized adult with you at our flying events. Are you under 16?

Speak up - did you say 60.... :-)