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"NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization!" – Adam Small

Why do I need to network?

1. As entrepreneurs and professionals, it is imperative that we stay around like minded individuals. Relationships are the catalyst for success.

2. In this ever so growing competitive job market, you will quickly learn that it is not always what you know, but who do you know.

3. You never know what personal connection or business deal is hidden in a little conversation.

4. If you are seasoned, you can meet a young pup with a lot of pep to do heavy lifting for you.

5. If you are new, you can meet an expert in your field and skip a lot of mistakes just by listening to their experiences.

What makes us different?

1.Here at the NJ Networking Circle we like to keep things fun and innovative, even for the shy and timid. What better way is there to wind down a hard work week then with a little professional party and networking. We like to consider ourselves the transition group because we are not in an up tight work atmosphere, nor is it a full blown out night at the club. You can consider it to be either the cool down of a long week or the warm up to a great weekend; the choice is yours. We just want you to take a load off and have a great time meeting great people.

2.We will give small trainings on how to network as well as business tips.

3.Guest speakers will be booked. Usually local entrepreneurs and professionals who have success and can offer useful advice.

4. We encourage members to make long lasting connection by helping them to find accountability partners. These are the people that will keep us on track and hold us accountable for the goals that we set.

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Meeting Of The Minds

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Meeting of the Mind pt 2

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