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Becoming The Healer Of Your Life With Dr. Jay Kantor

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Becoming The Healer Of Your Life

With Dr. Jay Kantor

People usually come to a therapist when they are in crisis. They are desperate and seeking immediate relief from feelings, thoughts, and behaviors they can’t stand. They want to get some control over what has become uncontrollable.

I am used to dealing with people in such states and to them I offer immediate comfort and the help of EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – an Energy Psychology emotional regulation practice.

Invariably I find that these same people have had emotional challenges for most of their lives. I also find IN 100% Of Cases that none of these people had a good relationship with either their mother or their father.

22 years of doing therapy has shown me that emotional health occurs when children have had a nurturing relationships with loving, competent, mature caretakers. If they have internalized an Inner Parent who is emotionally supportive, then they can support themselves when they face an emotional challenge as an adult. If they lack a supportive Inner Parent, then they can easily go into emotional overwhelm when facing substantial challenge.

Each of us need a healthy (, nurturing, mature parent part inside ourselves, so that we can handle challenges when they occur, which they inevitably will.

I have come to believe that successful ( psychotherapy requires that we must heal the troubled, dysfunctional mind that is produced in a child, attempting to master childhood challenges without the loving help of mature caretakers. Once we are beyond the timeframe when we can reasonable expect real help from our parents, we must understand that our only hope for emotional salvation is that we fulfill the necessary roles inside our minds by ourselves. We must become our own nurturing caretaker and our own healer.

I invite you to join us at Panera on Friday for a stimulating conversation about how you can do this and what to expect if you do. Healing of long term emotional, psychological, and relationship difficulties WILL OCCUR if you choose to create psychologically supportive conditions inside your own mind.

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