What we're about

Even though there aren't any HBCUs in the tri-state area, there are a ton of alumni living here.

The problem - MOST of us don't know each other! Howard grads mostly only know Howard grads, DSU grads know DSU grads, etc. etc. etc....

But we all share the love of our HBCUs, so It's time for us to get together and build new connections!

NJ (Tri- State) HBCU Network will facilitate these new connections by hosting:

• regular "laid-back" after-work mix and mingle events (no pressure - just get to know some new folks)

• professional networking events

• entrepreneurship and wealth creation training

• and other special events like nights out on the town or group fitness

We're building one big HBCU Family! We'll party together, learn with and from each other, and hopefully build lifelong connections.

All Supporters of HBCUs are welcome:
Undergrad, Grad Program, started but didn't finish, wish you woulda went...feel free to attend any of our events

We're starting off in North Jersey, but we'll eventually expand out to the entire Tri-state area. So anyone outside of NJ, please still feel free to join the group, and come check out an event on this side of the Hudson... we'll keep you updated on any new developments, and when we'll be bringing an event to your area.

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UNCF Walk For Education

Brookdale Park

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