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NEW! This group is for writers, bloggers, journalists, and allied media creative types, to gather for schmoozing, co-working, and informal critique sessions. Discussions will encompass both the craft of writing as well as marketing and technical issues related to online publishing.

Under the umbrella term "writing" we include many varieties: reporting, editing, copywriting, technical writing, fiction, children's stories, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, ghostwriting, translating, grant writing, graphic novels, and of course blogging. (What to add to the list?!)

In addition, we stretch the idea of "blogging" to encompass related pursuits such as publishing via social media, managing blog technology such as Wordpress, and how about even podcasting?!

We will vary our gathering times and places. Some events will be daytime weekdays, especially for all the freelancers not tied to a 9-to-5 schedule! But we also will do some evenings and weekends to accommodate those with day jobs!

When we first meet you, expect some blabbing about our projects, and about our lives. After getting to know each other, we will switch gears to the co-working and/or critiquing. To a great extent, the group will become whatever members want to make of it.... Come influence our evolution.

Unlike some other Meetups, this group has no hidden agenda. The organizer is not selling anything, or plugging a consulting business. The group's mission is purely to promote friendship, inspiration, and shop talk.

FYI the organizer's blog is https://OccationalEconomist.com (comments/reactions invited).

In our Meetup "discussions" section, we invite you to post your preferred meeting times/places. Though the group is starting in Bergen County, we can add events in other areas according to demand. If you would like to get a group together in your neck of the woods, just contact the organizer and we will get it on the schedule.

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