Past Meetup

Valentine's Day Mix and Mingle


I wasn't going to post an event for Valentine's Day because I know that so many places are over crowded with couples and much as I LOVE Love I'd really rather not see tons of mushy couples unless I am part of one.... But I have been listening to the negativity in the chat rooms and it really and truly makes me sad. I want everyone to love Valentine's day and the celebration of love as much as I do because its not about Hallmark, it's not only about romance with your one true love 1 day of the year, it's not about flowers and candy and stuffed animals its about LOVE is all its shapes and forms and Love is grand and should be celebrated and deserves it's own holiday!

So with that in mind I have decided to toss together a little Valentines Day Mix and Mingle. Audience participation is required! I want you all who are coming to go to the dollar store and buy up a box or two or three of those silly little cards that we used to pass out in grade school. (I still to this day have a very fond memory of getting one in 3rd grade from a boy I was seriously crushing on) anyway...sign your name on the back and put them in envelopes. If you are brave put your phone number on some of them and mark the outside of those special ones *wink*wink*. Then the night of the mixer bring a pen and your Valentines and when you are talking to someone get their name you can write it on the envelope and give it to them. These can be given to ANY one, weather it be male or female a new friend is always a good thing to make! For incentive I will buy a prize to give to the person who brings and passes out the most Valentine's. So come on out and lets have some fun!

So plan is meet at TGIFridays from anytime after 6pm and I promise to stay till at least 9pm. When you arrive find me and show me how many Valentines you brought with you to pass out so I can keep track for the door prize. We can meet and mingle in the bar area, they usually have 1/2 priced appetizers there too. And be ready to mingle and share the LOVE!!

Hope to see you! Love, Cassie