What we're about

Because sports are fun, but more fun when you're with someone else!

This Meetup is designed to get Expats together to participate in all the organized events in The Netherlands: 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathons, triathlons, cycling....

Maybe camping, kayaking, sea sports, hiking, to be discused when the group is more than just me :)

This summer is filled with events every week throughout The Netherlands...This Meetup will suggest a place for Expats to meet before and after an event.

Meet new people, be active, and travel to new places, why not join?

Upcoming events (4+)

Surf & Yoga Retreat Texel - learn to surf on Texel

Needs a location

Join our surfcamp on Texel. This summer we ‘ll go to this beautiful Dutch Island to enjoy the beach, the ocean and of course the surf! We ll stay in a farm near the beach to enjoy Holland’s nature.

Learn to surf in one weekend!
With three surf classes in one weekend you can really improve your surfing. We ll work on your technique and teach you a better position on your surfboard.

Have you never surfed before? No problem. You can still come and we will you teach you the basics of this wonderful boardsport. With our surfprogram we ll teach you all you need to surf on Texel.

Are you coming?

Special offer for Texel

  • 2 nights accommodation in a farm
  • surf classes
  • surf theory
  • yoga & meditation classes
  • breakfast & lunch
  • BBQ
  • Surfboard & wetsuit rental

For only 350 euro's

For more info, please also see https://tashasurfcamp.com/Texel-surf-retreat and book your spot there!

Our farm: Breemhoeve

We stay in a beautiful farm on Texel. The farm is on a quiet spot on Texel, where we can eat, surf and chill. The farm is our base and from there we ll cruise over Texel to go surfing, do yoga and eat. There is also a beautiful garden where we can hang out and do yoga outside.

For more info, please also see:
and book your spot there!

Do I need to bring my own sleepingbag?
Yes you do. You can buy it very cheap at Decathlon

How do I get to Texel?
You can drive to Den Helder by car or train and take the boat from there to Texel. You can take your car on the boat and that costs 35 euro’s. We will also create a whatsapp group so that you can carpool with the other participants.

Do I need to bring my own surfboard and wetsuit?
No, its included!

I have never surfed before. Is this is problem?
No is not. You ll get surf classes and we will teach you surfing.

** NEW DATE !! ** Midsummer Night Hiking on Texel (23km)

Needs a location


*** !! NEW DATE !! Due to bad weather, event on 26th CANCELLED and DELAYED by SIX DAYS. See you all FRIDAY Juli 1st, 20.00 @ Den Helder. ***

Explore Texel during the shortest night of the year!

From Juli 1st to Juli 2nd, the sun sets at 22:04 and rises again at 5:21. And it only shortly really gets pitch black from 00:53 to 02:51. To add to the darkness, you will see the moonrise at 02.57. A perfect walk! I uploaded some info about the solstice in the picture section for the science nerds.

The island Texel has a wide open view of the sea, dunes and national park for maximum sunset and sunrise possibilities. We have an unobstructed view from the northwest, where the sun sets, and the northeast of the island, where the sun will rise above the island Vlieland.

We will start walking from De Slufter to the lighthouse at the northern tip of the island. The first part is through a Dutch nature reserve area called "Nationaal Park Texelse Duinen", rich with bird and plant life. After half an hour, we reach the sea for sunset. Remco has some information about this place for you.

At the half way point we will pause for a break for around 1,5-2 hours. We will bring a stove and make coffee, tea, soup and chocolate milk for you.

If the weather is clear, we can lie down on our mats and stargaze as there is no moon visible for some time too. :D. We can tell each other crazy stories and play games like Mafia (Weerwolven in Dutch) or Life size Cluedo.

After the break, we walk to the viewpoint in the north near the lighthouse. We watch the sun rise and after that, take the bus back to the ferry.

So, the plan in detail (under construction).
20:00. Gathering at Den Helder NS train station. Co-organiser Coen is waiting there for you.
20:12. Bus to ferry terminal (around €2,00)
20:30. Ferry to Texel (€2,50 per person)
20:55. Bus from ferry terminal to Slufter (around €4.50)
21:30. Start hiking
22:04. Sunset at the beach.
01.00. Break as we walked 13km. We provide warm drinks and some snacks during the only real dark part of the trip.
02.30. Start walking the remaining 10km as sunlight slowly starts to return (02.51) and we see the moonrise (02.57 in the southeast).
4:45. Arrival at the lighthouse area for best view of the sunrise at 5:11. We can have breakfast together and can brew tea and coffee for you to stay awake. :)
7:00. Bus back to ferry terminal (around €6.00)
8:00. Ferry back to Den Helder

Of course you can also stay longer on the island if you still have energy. Do so on your own planning.

We ask a small fee for this event as we will bring some pots, pans, gas and stoves. Plus some drinks and snacks. Also it shows a commitment for coming to this event. You will get a refund if you cancel within 24h of the start of the event or if the event is canceled or you can't come to the rescheduled time. You can pay for the event through this Tikkie link:


If you RSVP but don't pay within 1 day of signing up, we will take you off the list.

What to bring:
- Drinks and snacks to share. We will bring tea, coffee, soup and chocolate milk for all, but it's appreciated if you also bring some. There will be pots, pans and stoves.
- Bring enough food for the day for yourself.
- Foam mat and/or sleeping bag for star gazing (if it gets chilly)
- Cup, plate and spoon to eat and drink out of
- Good hiking boots, preferably water proof as parts are muddy and on the beach.
- Warmer (water proof) jacket and maybe a hat to stay warm and dry. Poncho in case of a small rain.
- 1,5L of water. Share some for brewing tea or coffee.
- Small trash bag
- For rapid entry to the ferry, you are advised to book online (Teso.nl). But, only book a few hours before departure as we can cancel the trip due to bad weather. The ferry always has enough capacity.
- We keep you informed. If there is bad weather, we will cancel 24-48 in advance.
- Respect nature, the silence and others.

- If the weather is bad we might reschedule this event to another date.
- We replanned the walk as some parts in nature are closed. This leads to an increase in distance from 16 to 23km. But, longer is more fun. So you get more for free. :)

If you have any questions or suggestions what we can do during the night, please feel free to get in touch!

Surfcamp Scheveningen - LEARN TO SURF

Needs a location

here there,
wanna come surfing with us? I love surfing and love to teach you this beautiful sport in Scheveningen.. Its so much fun! And easy to learn ;)

Learn to surf in no time.
Join our surfcamp in Scheveningen with 2 surfclasses, yoga and lunch. It's fun and you ll have an amazing experience

Have a wonderful day on the beach. Learn to surf and get the ride of your life. With the teaching of Tasha's Surfcamp you ll stand on your board in no time!

With 2 surf classes and a yoga class you will have a wonderful day in Scheveningen. It is the perfect way to learn to surf (better). You ‘ll have fun and improve yourself. Good vibes... Its a great experience on the beach!

Special offer for Surfcamp Scheveningen
Temporary for only 79,95.

Wanna join our surfcamp?
It will be lots of fun, but tickets can go fast! Book your spot here:

If you have any questions, please let me know!
cheers natasha

About Tasha's Surfcamp
Tasha’s Surfcamp is about passion. Passion for surfing, for the ocean and for the people that we work with. We love surfing and we love to teach surfing. It’s not about performance, but its about having fun in the ocean. When you have fun, you will improve your surfing for sure. We work with small groups and we want to give personal attention to all of you

Location: Tasha's Surfcamp/ strandpaviljoen At the Beach, Scheveningen, Den Haag

Surf & BBQ & Salsa Jam

Location visible to members

I was thinking. Its summerly weather, the waves are there..
July is a top month! It's time for another Surf & BBQ.
With a jam session & a salsa class afterwards..

Let's surf together.. Catch some waves, enjoy the surfclass on your own level and afterwards we'll have fun with the bbq, make some music, we ll learn to dance salsa and enjoy each others company!

Last year's Surf & BBQs were amazing and our opening beach party was really cool too. Let's keep up the good vibes! and share the loveee.

Want in?

Book your spot asap at:

Really cool to see you there!
cheers Natasha
PS A free beer for the early birds ! ;)

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