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Because sports are fun, but more fun when you're with someone else!

This Meetup is designed to get Expats together to participate in all the organized events in The Netherlands: 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathons, triathlons, cycling....

Maybe camping, kayaking, sea sports, hiking, to be discused when the group is more than just me :)

This summer is filled with events every week throughout The Netherlands...This Meetup will suggest a place for Expats to meet before and after an event.

Meet new people, be active, and travel to new places, why not join?

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Surfing & the Cold. Feel your innerstrength

Lourdeskerk Scheveningen - Theater / Cultureel Centrum / Spiritueel Centrum

SURFING IN WINTER Its getting colder... You can feel that winter s coming.. Soo, with everything that's going on.. How do you react to the cold? Do you hate it, do you curl up in front of the fire place or can you embrace it? And do you continue to surf in winter? Do you know how do that? I learned to embrace and even love the cold.. By following several cold water trainings in Holland, Sweden and Austria I learned to love the cold. It made it possible for me to surf in the Dutch winter.. And I got more out of it. If you dive in cold water, you learn to go inside. To find your inner peace. You learn to deal with stress. To stay silent from the inside, althought the outside is cold.. Wouldn't that be a useful these days? To be able to cope with stress in all kind of situations? -> We have created a workshop called Surfing & The Cold and we love you to be a part of it. We ll combine surfing, yoga & cold water training.. And we ll start in a special location in the Lourdeskerk Scheveningen, a beautiful church.. The first workshop is on the 8th of november 2020. Due to the corona measures the group will stay small and only limited spots are available. Please book your spot online at: https://tashasurfcamp.com/workshop-surfing-the-cold or let me know if you want to come, cheers Natasha. Programm: SURF CLASS COLD WATER TRAINING LUNCH YOGA,MEDITATION IN THE LOURDES CHURCH READING: HOW DO YOU BECOME 1 WITH THE COLD AND HOW CAN YOU USE YOUR INNERPOWER? For only 70 euro's! Dates SATURDAY 8 NOVEMBER TIME: 11:00 - 17:00 LOCATION: LOURDESKERK 2E MESSSTRAAT 108, 2586 XG DEN HAAG Coach: Natasha Smit ,,As a surfer you prefer to go to warmer places. But if you live in the Netherlands, you need to learn to deal with the cold. By attending several workshops I learned to appreciate the cold. I see it now as a power of nature. By swimming and surfing in the winter I get connected to my innerpower. It makes me feel alive! Surfing and yoga is amazing. And its more than just a sport. It also connects me to nature, it keeps me flexible and gives me peace. By surfing you learn to focus. To shut up that money mind and to be in the here and now. Otherwise you will fall of your board! You also connect to yourself. You ll learn to listen to your own body and react on that. Surfing is the active part and (hatha) yoga is more relaxing. You connect with your feelings and will find some silence in your head.'' For more info, please check our website. and book your workshop here: https://en.tashasurfcamp.com/surfing-the-cold

Bike & Walk: Hilversum & De Paltz Estate

Hilversum centraal

** Depending on weather ** Bike & walk adventure: Bike from Hilversum CS to De Paltz Estate in Soest (17 km) and there; get off the saddle for a wonderful hike on the hills (4km). With a stop at the Estate for lunch/coffee (your expense). And bike back to Hilversum CS, or take the train from Soest. Is not a speed/endurance focus cycling, but more about enjoying the day outdoors and a practical way to keep social distance. Keep your carbon bike at home -I will use a city bike with 4 gears... There is some train work connecting to Hilversum from some directions. Double check the NS website before signing up. TIP: The Estate is home for art exhibitions.

Surfcamp Portugal (Algarve)

Arrifana Beach

Warm, exotic and exciting. That is this surf holiday in the soufh of Portugal! Portugese, surfing on the waves of the Atlantic ocean and chilling on the beach of Arrifana. With a small group we ll travel from 21 to 28 november to the south of Portugal and there we ll go surfing for a week. In collaboration with the local surf school we ll learn you to surf better and we ll go roadtripping to enjoy the beautiful views of this beautiful country. SPECIAL OFFER FOR PORTUGAL - 7 nights in our surf house in Arrifana. - roadtripping to see the Algarve - surf classes - surf theory - yoga classes for only 550 euro's. YOUR STAY IN OUR SURF HOUSE IN ARRIFANA With Tasha’s Surfcamp you will stay in a nice surf house that’s located on walking distance from the beach of Arrifana As a group we don’t only have beautiful 2 persons-bedrooms, but also a living room, a bath room and a balcony. Very chill. In the living room there s a loungespot, where you can watch a movie, read book and where we ll have dinner together. SURFING IN THE ALGARVE, IN PORTUGAL With our surfcamp you’ll stay in Arrifana, a small fishermen’s town, that’s known for the good waves and the fun surf vibe. There is a nice beach break, where beginners can learn to surf and closeby are a few reef breaks, where more experienced surfers can enjoy themselves. Improve your surfing with the surf classes of Tasha’s Surfcamp. Learn to surf better, while you are surfing on the fun Portugese waves. Our surf guide Natasha Smit has been to Portugal many times before and she knows exactly where you need to go with which tide, wind and waves. We are working together with the local surfschool, who have even more knowledge about the waves in Arrifana.

EASTER Weekend TOGETHER in 2021 ; Vulkan Eifel Germany

Needs a location


As a good tradition, this is one of our "WEEKENDS-TOGETHER" and of course also the EASTER Weekend ! Unfortunately this weekend could not go on in 2020 because of the Corona-virus. But we directly made a new reservation for EASTER 2021 That will be from Friday 2 April until Monday 5 April. (Monday second Easter day is a national free-day) We will be going to The VULKAN EIFEL, Global Geo National Park (protected by Unesco) in Germany We stay all together in a hut, where we sleep and make our own food and fire , we will have our own kitchen and living-room for us, with a nice fireplace. A weekend with "the adventurers-group" that I organize, means at the first place TOGETHER. IMPORTANT : there are some items you must know before you rsvp YES: if you want to join we expect that you: • participate with cooking, washing up, cleaning up, getting wood for the fire etc. whatever is needed. • participate with all the activities we'll do. are you interested....? A brief concept Arriving at Friday 19 April, that will be in the evening for the most , and some will already arrive at daytime. Then having our famous meal soup or alternative. (a warm meal when you arrive) and cosy evening at the fireplace. Saturday and Sunday We will have breakfast, everyone in his own way, then preparing lunch together, where after a day hike in the beautiful nature of the Vulkan Eifel. After the hike having a beer, or tea or... in a café. Back 'home" making a fire, cooking our meal together and having a cosy evening Monday starting lazy, no hike today. breakfast/slow and making the lunch. Then packing say goodbye, and for those who want visiting the ruïne or something else. In the afternoon going back home. And for those who like it... we will do an outdoor table tennis competition! more details you find at:https://www.meetup.com/The-Netherlands-All-Seasons-Adventurers-Meetup/events/267689920/

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