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Because sports are fun, but more fun when you're with someone else!

This Meetup is designed to get Expats together to participate in all the organized events in The Netherlands: 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathons, triathlons, cycling....

Maybe camping, kayaking, sea sports, hiking, to be discused when the group is more than just me :)

This summer is filled with events every week throughout The Netherlands...This Meetup will suggest a place for Expats to meet before and after an event.

Meet new people, be active, and travel to new places, why not join?

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Surfcamp Morocco (also for beginners)

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Warm, exotic and exciting. That is this surf trip in Morocco! Eat tagine, surf the Moroccan waves and treat yourself on a hammam. We’ll travel along the coast with a small group to visit Agadir, Taghazoute and Imsouane. An experienced surf guide will show you the beautiful surf spots like Banana’s, Mysteries and the ultimate longboard waves in Imsouane. Surf, relax and enjoy the beautiful culture of Morocco. Don’t hesitate and book your surf holiday for only 470 euro’s! reserve your spot in the surfcamp in Morocco. Special offer for Morocco SEVEN NIGHTS IN OUR SURFHOUSE SURFSAFARI ALONG THE MOROCCAN COAST WITH A SURFGUIDE! SURFCLASSES SURFTHEORY YOGA CLASSES Stay in our surfhouse in Imsouane During seven days we will stay in the beautiful Dar Naima; a guesthouse that has a view over the surf beach (la Cathedrale) and is on walking distance of the famous longboard break. It has Moroccan traditions, but its pretty luxurious. They also serve good food. Youll love it! :)) Surfing in Morocco Improve your surfing with the surf classes of Tasha’s Surfcamp. Improve your surf skills, when your are surfing in Morocco. Our surf guide Natasha Smit has been to Taghazoute and Imsouane about ten times, so she knows exactly where to be to catch the good waves. To get a better experience we will work together with local surf schools Join our surf camp! We are going surfing on famous surf spots like Killer Point and Banana’s. Enjoy the harbour, the Moroccan habits and the brownies of the auberge. And enjoy the quietness of Imsouane. Surfing in Morocco; that’s something that you want to experience. Book your surf holiday and escape the winter in warm Ismouane and Taghazoute. Dates: - 15 to 22 december 2018 - 23 to 30 march 2019 Flight: with Transavia return from Amsterdam to Agadir voor 120 euro. Book your surfsafari through this website: http://en.tashasurfcamp.com/index.php/surfcamp-morocco/ questions? Call Natasha Smit at[masked] or send her an email on [masked]

30 van Zandvoort (18KM or 30KM walkathon in & around Zandvoort)

Circuit Park Zandvoort

Check out this interesting walkathon along the beach, dunes and a National park. This is the ninth edition in a row - both for the event organizers and our group :) Official site: http://www.30vanzandvoort.nl/ Tracks available: 18KM or 30KM (for more details: https://www.30vanzandvoort.nl/deelnemers/routes/ ) Please register yourself online. Registration: https://www.30vanzandvoort.nl/inschrijven/ Registartion Cost: € 11,00 or € 13,00 depending on track (note: you need to register online in advance; there's no on-the-spot registration). I've already signed up for the 30KM route. How to reach the starting point by train/bus/car: https://www.30vanzandvoort.nl/deelnemers/bereikbaarheid/ * Meeting point for our group: The START banner in front of the white tent. Time: 09:00. * When you get your registration letter by mail, it'll contain a small blue booklet. That's the stempelkaart, which you'll have to get stamped at regular intervals on the day of walk. The first one is at the white tent. Get your card stamped before you come to the meeting point. Plan for the day: * By train: Take the train to Zandvoort station. The start tent is about 15 mins walk from Zandvoort station. See the booklet for the route. There'll be lot of signs & tons of people walking towards it; you can't miss it. * By car: you can park in the Circuitpark. Parking fee: € 5,00 * IMPORTANT NOTE: We'll be waiting till 09:00 near the MEETING POINT for the rest of the group to catch up. If you are not there by 09:00, you are on your own. We'll not be waiting for anybody. * Please note my number:[masked] * Don't forget the usual stuff: good shoes, drinks, sandwiches, camera, umbrella, etc * And of course, don't forget to bring the stempelkaart!! Questions/comments? Please post it below. You can also indicate which track you'd like to walk - so you can find buddies in advance.

Surfcamp Scheveningen with yoga!

Paviljoen De Kwartel

Join our surfcamp in Scheveningen! With 2 surf classes and a yoga class you will have a wonderful day in Scheveningen. It is the perfect way to learn to surf (better). You ‘ll have fun and improve yourself. Program Surfcamp Scheveningen 2 surf classes yoga class lunch Learn to surf in one day! Come surfing with us in Scheveningen and learn this wonderful board sport! Enjoy the sand under your feet, the salty seawater and the sun in your face. Have lots of fun in our surf classes. With Tasha’s Surfcamp we will learn you the basics of surfing. We have a good course plan and we will learn you surfing one by one. With small groups, a lot of personal attention and a lot of fun, you will learn surfing in no time. Surf’s up! Timetable 11.00 surf class 13.00 lunch 14.00 yoga 15.00 surf class Come and join us and improve your surfing. Besides the surfing we will have fun and relax. We ll hang out, have lunch, talk and you 'll get a yoga class. Its just a very fun day on the beach! a great way to explore Scheveningen and learn to surf! Costs: 70 euro's. Would be great to see you there! Book it here: http://en.tashasurfcamp.com/index.php/surfcamp-scheveningen/ Cheersss Natasha (tel[masked]

Nationale Bloesem Wandeltocht (National Spring hike) 2019 by Red Cross

Welcome banner (with Rabobank logo)

Every spring, Red Cross organizes a hike in Geldermalsen near Utrecht. Our group has been participating every year from 2009. This will be our 11th time in a row :) You can choose one of the tracks: 8, 15, 25 or 40KM. Most of us do the 25KM track. It takes about 6 hours. It is an excellent track with great arrangements on the way! You can find more details about the hike in the links below. Please register online (EN version available). Cost € 8. If you are going for the 25KM track, select "Startbewijs Parcours West 25 km" during registration. http://rodekruisbloesemtocht.nl/ http://rodekruisbloesemtocht.nl/kaartverkoop * After registering online, you'll get the registration receipt by email. Do not forget to get a printout of the registration receipt. * If you are going by train from Amsterdam Centraal, you'll have to change at Utrecht. Special additional services will be added from Utrecht to Geldermalsen. For more travel details, http://rodekruisbloesemtocht.nl/bereikbaarheid * From the Geldermalsen station to the starting point, it's a 5 min walk. There will be lot of signs and tons of people going towards that location; so you just can't miss it! * Note that there'll be a huge crowd on that day. PLEASE note my number:[masked]. Without the contact number, it'll be practically impossible to coordinate/locate each other! * Meeting point: the welcome banner with Rabobank logo, at 09:15 This banner is on the way from the train station (or parking place) to the START tent. It's so big that you cannot miss it :) * Don't forget the usual stuff: camera, sandwich, drinks, sun glasses etc * With such a big group, it is practically impossible to keep the whole group together or guide you all along the entire route. So take care that you are together with at least some of our members. you will find out very soon who has more or less the same tempo as you ;) And Each route will be well marked with separate colours like this: http://www.meetup.com/NL-Adventurers/photos/889280/14424943/#[masked] Normally you should not have any problem in following them of your own. In some cases, you might see arrows pointing at two different directions for the SAME route. That is because you'll be crossing that junction twice. Look out for the signs "1e doorkomst" & "2e doorkomst". They indicate which direction to follow the first time & the second time. Again, if you are confused, ask somebody. They'll be more than happy to guide you :) In the past, there have been instances where people didn't pay attention to this sign and just walking around in a loop :) * Do not forget to buy the ticket online and get a print out. There'll be a big queue if you are trying to buy on the spot and we cannot wait for you.

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