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Mountain biking in Schoorl

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Agreed, this country is as flat as .. hmmm... Holland! (can't think of anything more flatter :-) Apparently, there seems to be some bumps here and there, which could be taken as poor man's "mountain"!

We'll go for mountain biking in Schoorl, which according to the latest rating (, is Nr 1 mountain biking route in NL. The route is 15KM long and the highest point we'll reach is 48 meters above NAP ( (no no no... NAP is not Nanometers Above mean Polder level! it's the Dutch equivalent of mean sea level)

Starting point of the route: (,+aagtdorp+&vps=1&jsv=157e&sll=52.295085,4.864335&sspn=0.00773,0.022745&ie=UTF8&ei=xJEESp6qM-TKjAfRm-mBCg&sig2=n1upaPwQfEEiyjeCTRgC9Q&cd=1&cid=52684857,4698533,7172033566663426101&li=lmd&z=14&t=m)

It takes about 1.5 hrs to reach the starting point from Amsterdam Centraal. First a train to Alkmaar and then change two buses.

Bike & gear rental cost: EUR 17.
Of course you can bring your own mountain bike, if you've got one (mention that in RSVP). If less than 10 participants will be hiring bikes, there'll be a small change of plan.
To avoid last minute dropouts, those who want to hire bikes will have to transfer the bike rental costs to my bank account, a couple of days after the RSVP deadline. More info will follow later.

Home page
http://www.mtb-schoor... (

http://www.mtb-schoor... (

Bike rental details
http://www.mtb-schoor... (

Update 1
Please follow the discussion here (

Update 2 (27-May-09)

After a bit of hunting around, I finally managed to reserve 7 mountain bikes (plus the gear). With the good weather, it seems all bikes are reserved well in advance. E.g Onyva told me that all their bikes are reserved on all weekends till July! So you can imagine the crowd on Sat! Be prepared :-)

I've divided the participants according to mode of transport & bike rental option:

Group A (Renting a bike + public transport)

Group B (Own bike + public transport)

Group C (Own bike + own transport)
Baida +1

Group D (Unknown)

For group A & B:
Updated meetup time & location: 10:45, entrance to platform 7, Amsterdam Centraal

For group C:
Updated meetup time & location: 12:00 at the address given below (where you'll join Groups A & B)

Busker Bergen, (bike rental shop)
Kerkstraat 1,
1861KR Bergen,
Phone: 072-5895196
Web: http://www.buskerberg... (

Itinerary for Group A:
10:55, platform 7, Amsterdam Centraal to Alkmaar (intercity)
11:45 Alkmaar station, to Plein (Bergen), Bus 6 towards Bergen.
11:59 Reach bike rental shop

Itinerary for Group B:
You can join group A in the train to Alkmaar and you'll have to find your own way to Bergen (about 7 KM)

* Please bring your own sandwich & drink.
* Be prepared for surprise showers ;-)
* If you can't make it anymore, please update your RSVP. I need a correct head-count for the bikes.