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Update 14th June

Meeting point is Amsterdam Centraal Platform 8a near the elevators when you enter from the West entrance of Amsterdam Centraal.
Meeting time is 9.30, be on time so we can catch the train easily as there maybe quite a few people with bikes.

We'll take the following train

09:42 Amsterdam Centraal 8a Alkmaar Intercity (NS)
10:56 Den Helder 2

From Den Helder we'll cycle to the Ferry point and try to take the Ferry at 11.30 if its too busy we can take the next one. We should reach Texel by 12 o'clock.

About cycles

Option 1: Bring your own cycle. It should be decent condition so that its a comfortable ride for the 60km distance. You have to buy ticket of €6 for day pass for the cycle on the train and you have to buy a cycle return ticket on ferry to Texel it is €5 including a rider. (〈=en) .
You can also purchase the return ticket for the ferry online, either with or without a cycle.

Option 2: Rent a cycle at Texel - you can find details here http://www.fietsverhu... ( If you want to make sure you get the cycle you can reserve through the website as well. You can find other places to rent cycles here (
Take the bus 33 at 11.12 from Den Helder to Den Helder Ferry point

Plan for the day

1. Reach Texel by[masked]. Cycle around Texel at a leisurely pace.
3. We can start from the east side of the island along the WaddenZee and stop at a restaurant in Oosterend around 13.30/14.00 for lunch.
4. Then cycle around the northern tip of the island and head to the beach on the west coast along the North Sea. We can chill at the beach for a bit depending on the weather.
5. Then head back South through the dunes towards the ferry point.
6. Take a ferry back to Den Helder around 18.00

You can reach me at[masked]

Cycling in Texel.

We'll take a train to Den Helder followed by ferry to Texel & then cycle on the Texel island.

The approximate route to cycle is (,4.78004&geocode=FXbHKAMdZ_FIAA%3BFVjfKAMdF5JIAA%3BFZIbKQMd-V1IAA%3BFdNKKQMdn0BIAA%3BFV5cKQMdwC5IAA%3BFYaLKQMdlD9IAA%3BFWzaKQMdfHdIAA%3BFeg6KgMdzrFIAA%3BFYmmKgMd6mxJAA%3BFerFKgMd0fJJAA%3BFXh3KwMdXAlKAA%3BFcLOKQMd6HBKAA%3BFYA1KQMdqt5JAA%3BFXTvKAMdnztJAA%3B&hl=en&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=14&sz=15&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13&dirflg=w&sll=53.003525,4.792957&sspn=0.012551,0.038581&ie=UTF8&ll=53.023457,4.85733&spn=0.100361,0.308647&z=12)

Cycling Distance: 60 Km
Duration: 5-6 hours

Meeting point: Amsterdam Centraal Platform 8a
Meeting Time: 09.30

Approxiamte Return time: 18:00

Alternate Meeting Point: Den Helder Ferry terminal at 11.15

I'll send an update closer to the meetup.

*Subject to cancellation depending on the weather.