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Weekend adventure in Belgian Ardennen during Easter holidays (30/03 to 01/04)

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Have you heard about Belgian Ardennen ( It's a very popular tourist destination among the Dutch, because it's got... mountains :) Besides, the region is a treasure trove of nature ( We'll be going to a small town located in the heart of Ardennen: La Roche-en-Ardenne ( The beautiful river Ourthe flows right through the town!

I am still collecting the details, but the rough plan is as follows:
Day 0 29/03 (evening): Drive to La Roche-en-Ardenne
Day 1 30/03: Canoe, Rockclimbing and Abseiling

Day 2 31/03: Mountain biking, Forest Rope Adventure

Day 3 01/04: Hiking

Day 3 01/04 (evening): Drive back to NL

All ideas are welcome. Walking, kayaking & (mountain)-biking are very popular in La Roche-en-Ardenne.

The plan is to car pool & share the costs. PLEASE NOTE: although I'll facilitate accommodation & car pooling, ultimately it is your own responsibility to arrange your accommodation & transport.

For now, RSVP to the event, block your agenda & come up with ideas for activities & accommodation :)


Update (06-Feb):
* Transport: Fill in this sheet first so that we'll have a quick overview:


Update (11-Mar):

Based on the following criteria, I've come up with a schedule of activities.

- preferences given in the spreadsheet
- Location of the organizing company
- cost

Please see the same spreadsheet for the schedule (scroll to bottom):


Update (14-Mar):

Please see the offer letter from Brandsport:

And the offer email from Ardennen Adventures:


Update (24 Mar):

* Latest email from Brandsport:
* Invoice:
* I asked for and got a 10% discount, as we are in a big group :)
* Please calculate the amount for your activities according to the invoice and bring the EXACT change in CASH, to avoid any delays in payment. Note that you'll have to pay for all the activities on day 1.

* The spreadsheet contains the agenda for all 3 days: The hike trial on day 3 is still in planning.


Update (26 Mar):

* Latest email from Brandsport:
* Couple of photo albums of the activities in the mail
* NOTE: !!!Change of address!!! The address I gave in the previous update was their office address for payments. Not all of us need to go there on day 1. See addresses for each activity in the spreadsheet.
* As you can see in the latest email, we all have to pay them for all activities (whichever you are participating) on the morning of day 1. I am planning to collect the money from all & would like a couple of volunteers to go with me to their office at 09:00 on day 1.
* See spreadsheet for cost of each activity.
* To save time, here are three options for payment:
a) You can transfer the money to my bank account before Thu. I'll send my accnt nr by email to all.
b) A volunteer collects the money during dinner on Fri eve (whoever is available). BRING EXACT CHANGE. Ana/Bidisha: since you are staying in the same hotel, it would be convenient if you can collect it. Will you?
c) Come to my hotel on day 1 before 08:30 and give it to me in person. BRING EXACT CHANGE.

Choose which ever option is convenient for you. But PLEASE pay on time. At least show me a little mercy for all the time I am spending on this ;)

* Dinner restaurant for day 1 is put up on the sheet. Is the restaurant for day 0 decided?
* If you would like to share your mobile nrs, drop a comment below. I'll collect it and add it to the sheet. My nr is already there. (Sorry, can't open the sheet for editing; new participants just fill it up without even arranging car/accommodation :(
* Try to get a printout of the spreadsheet (on Fri). It contains all the info.

* Hike on 01/04: Route 5 (13.5KM). See
Meeting point:
Tourism office:
Place du Marché[masked] La Roche-en-Ardenne

Time : around 10:30 (after Easter Egg hunt)