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NLP Café Mumbai meetup specially organised to learn and updating NLP skills.
You will practice following NLP patterns 1. Well-formedness in your outcome pattern 2. NLP Pattern of the day. 3. NLP presuppositions. 4. Feedback on the patterns practiced. Trouble finding the place, please call me -[masked] Shantilal Patel

91springboard, 3rd Floor, Akshar Bluechip Corporate Park, Turbhe MIDC, Thane- Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai 400706

Turbhe MIDC, Thane- Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai 400706 · Navi Mumbai

What we're about

Welcome to the Mumbai NLP Café,

and to a wonderful adventure…

Let’s create civilization together, a person at a time…

It’s a lot more fun than reading today’s news and feeling helpless or discouraged! Our time in history is full of change and conflict. Governments and institutions don’t have a very good record for making smooth changes. They usually just blunder along through history, grinding over the fallen, making more people to replace the ones we lose, fearing the unknown, looking for someone to blame for the disasters that come.

NLP-based skills and attitudes can do much to ease the change. But the people using NLP must be skilled. Skills take practice. And practicing requires a place, and a committed host.

NLP Café Hosts are building a new cradle. We are helping to develop leaders of our future -- a wise society of increased kindness, tolerance, understanding, cooperation, optimism and ambition.

The Mission of The NLP Café

1. The NLP Café is a volunteer Alumni-driven organization that connects us to each other.

NLP Café branches support the development of active NLP communities in their local regions, and may network with each other. All interested people are invited to participate. When we work together on a regular basis, we build ties that span differences in training and lifestyle. We learn to love ourselves and each other. The Mumbai NLP Café supports our alumni community.

2. The NLP Café supports its members' personal development.

We believe certified NLP graduates desire to be effective and inspiring examples of our discipline -- and they can be, if they first develop the habit of using NLP on themselves. While each "NLPer" has had opportunities during their training to explore personal issues, the emphasis was on training and not on personal growth. The NLP Café provides a safe space where we can pursue our own personal evolution, knowing that we will be helped by other NLPers.

The NLP Café gives us the opportunity to become well integrated, flexible people who understand and live the NLP Presuppositions when communicating with ourselves and others. The NLP Café allows us to evolve into people who "walk their talk."

3. The NLP Café strengthens our skills.

During NLP training, we have all been exposed to a large amount of information; concepts, models, processes and techniques. In the NLP Café, we develop confidence because we take the skills that we have spent time and money learning, and "get it into our muscles". The NLP Café is the place where we can become "unconsciously competent". We learn best by teaching, and we are happy to share our knowledge with others.

4. The NLP Café explores ways to use our skills in society.

There are many places where NLP skills will be useful and welcome. Non-profit groups, volunteer counseling, shelters, hot-lines, churches, etc. The NLP Café groups can act as a referral network to identify community coaching needs and to match interested and qualified “NLPers” to them. We encourage you to do the same. The NLP Café promotes community service.

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