What we're about

This meetup group is for people who want something more in their lives. They are tired of living someone else's dream - and are ready to start living theirs!

Individuals, entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches who want to share their message on any kind of 'stage' attend NLP Cafe to learn how to breakthrough any fears or doubts and start taking action. All the world's a stage where you can inspire others and make a positive impact.

What is the history of NLP Cafe? Jacquie Nagy, Owner Holistic Directions Inc. created the NLP Cafe six years ago as a way of giving back to her community. NLP Cafe started as a dream of Jacquie's. She knew that by teaching the personal development skills that she learned in her NLP training with the NLP Academy, UK -home of the highest quality trainers in the world - John Grinder, Co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP, Carmen Bostic St Clair, Co-creator NLP Code NLP, and Master NLP Trainer Michael Carroll. The skills she wanted to share she learned by investing in over 500 hours of LIVE NLP training for herself (2008-2010) and by assisting, mentoring and teaching over 1,000 hours of LIVE NLP training courses in England, Spain, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and France (2010-2016). The NLP skills she learnt to master took eight years of dedicated practice and are the skills that have supported her in building a highly successful training and coaching business, now in its tenth year. When she completed her Certification as an NLP Trainer she noticed that even with the plethora of training available to people, there was still a gap in the personal leadership skills of individuals and especially entrepreneurs. So she decided to teach these skills to help accelerate the transformational coaching and training community in Winnipeg. In order to do this from a heart-centered intention, she decided to give away the skills for success (that no one ever showed her when she was starting out) for free. Yes- free. To date, Jacquie has hosted 45 NLP Cafe Meetups, she has taught over two dozen different processes, provided free coaching demos in front of live audiences, guided groups, and trained hundreds of people the skills they need to live happier, healthy, meaningful lives - so they can start living their dream.

How is NLP Cafe different? You may have heard about NLP, watched some videos and read some books and learned some theory. Maybe you've tried a few of the models on yourself and got some results. Excellent. With this evidence now maybe you feel ready to take the plunge into actually doing NLP in the company of others to discover - does NLP really work? The NLP Cafe is a place where you get to do just that. When you attend you will meet people who like you are curious about how humans experience their world.

What is NEW at NLP Cafe? NEW in 2019 - Thought Leaders Who Speak - A series of workshops and live presentation events to help master your skills as a speaker. In this series, you will learn how to share your story in your own unique and authentic way. You will learn how to manage the stage space, how to move your body intentionally, how to use anchoring techniques to stabilize, how to engage the audience subtly, how to build audience rapport quickly, how to know when you've lost rapport and how to get it back and you will learn a format to structure your story and deliver a powerful talk that will be memorable.

What else? Jacquie also offers LIVE NLP training classes, workshops and fully certified NLP courses. Here you are entering into an entirely different experience than reading books and watching videos. This is not to dissuade you from learning by reading and watching. Everything counts. It's all good learning. What we're saying is by discovering -for yourself- how YOU experience the world and how others experience their world you'll also find out how you and they get stuck. How you self-sabotage your success. How you get in your own way of living the successful and happy life you desire to live. When you attend NLP certification courses in person you will learn over eight days, dozens of patterns, models and step by step processes to create new maps, new habits, new behaviours, new beliefs, new outcomes and practices to consistently maintain your momentum throughout your journey. Yes, in a live NLP training experience you will learn all this - and so much more.

How does NLP work? NLP works on both the logical conscious level (through language, reasoning, thought processing, analyzing, etc.) and NLP works at the deeper unconscious level (beyond conscious awareness) where patterns, beliefs, habits, states, and intentions guide your actions and language. NLP quickly helps you uncover blind spots, awaken dormant parts, and begin to reconstruct your life from deep inside. You will discover your core, true self - and begin to open up to a whole new world of possibility and opportunity. For some people, this transformational process can feel uncomfortable. We understand this may be a roadblock for you and a reason why you might not attend. At NLP Cafe you can relax - as it's a safe place where you can learn to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Join us at NLP Café where you will learn tangible practices that you can apply in your speaking role, coaching clients and mentoring too. You can use the skills you learn at NLP Cafe in other areas of life too like your personal life, with family and friends, and in your business working with your teams.

When you attend NLP Cafe - You will be learning in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. You will take home new knowledge and skills that you can immediately start applying in your life so you can be your best self and ... Start Living Your Dream!

And - you will meet some really lovely people along the way. And that's a good thing, isn't it? As it means you might just meet the person you've been waiting to meet your entire life! Yes, magic does happen at NLP Cafe :)

*Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a modeling process for you to achieve personal excellence in any area of life and business. Created over 47 years ago in the early 1970s, by Dr. John Grinder and Richard Bandler, (and Frank Pucelik in the very beginning stages). These three men joined forces at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and created a field of study that has spread all over the world. As NLP is a modeling process for achieving excellence in any area of life you choose. You will find NLP skills are taught in every leadership, coaching, health and wellness, spiritual and healing, and personal development trainings on a global scale. NLP works on SO many levels...to improve personal relationships, business, health and financial. When you learn NLP you will know powerful models you can use NLP every single day to achieve your goals and live your dream life!

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