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Welcome to the Official Hypnosis Training Academy meet-up Group, Singapore. We were previously known as NLP-Hypnosis & Psychology Group and has now upgraded since we get the support of the Academy..

This is a group for anyone intrigued by the power of the mind and body. We believe in a wholistic approach to understand the mind and the body – in other words, whatever affects the mind/brain affects your body too.

Hypnosis is one of the ways to explore this exciting area of the subconcious. We invite a variety of speakers to explain their specialty during each meet up session and give you plenty of time to ask questions and mingle to know like-minded individuals.

While psychology is in mainstream thinking, both NLP and Hypnosis are not. So we create a curious mix of which the most famous hypnotist Milton Ericson is in the centre of it all. Hypnosis itself is a subject in some psychology schools in University.

Have you taken a course of some sort and want a practice partner? We will organize practice sessions for you.

This is meant to be a practice and learning group for all who have studied hypnotism or NLP or anyone interested in pursuing knowledge on the power or the mind in one way or another. Just curious? You are more than welcome.

All newbies are welcome and can make friends at your level. We welcome trainers, coaches, hypnotherapists, hypnotists, eft practitioners etc. - and those who want to learn to overcome personal challenges.

Let us know if you are a practitioner who wants to give a presentation on your favourite subject. We welcome you to speak to the organizers who will schedule you as appropriate. Of course, it goes without saying that we require you not to dominate the group with your super modality and to respect the others.

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The Shortcut to Hypnotic Language - Imagination
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This meetup will need you to inform us well in advance if you want to learn. Those who respond will get a free set of hypnotic language cards. It takes time as the cards come from the Academy overseas and therefore you need to give me your phone contact and latest email immediately upon registering your interest. I am contactable at[masked] and will tell you how to receive your cards once you register your interest.

Self Hypnosis for Perfect Performance
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Self Hypnosis. This is something you can learn to help yourself in almost any area of endeavour: creating inner motivation for exercise or speed of recall during examinations or speaking confidently to your superior. You name it - what is the area of self improvement that is the most important to you? Join us for an afternoon of fun and rewiring of your inner mind.

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