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Sales objections and NLP Sleight of Mouth patterns go hand in hand. By learning how to elegantly and smoothly talk your way around any objection or argument, your ability to close the sale and persuade people to your point of view will increase dramatically.

Sleight of Mouth was developed by Robert Dilts while he was attending NLP Practitioner trainings with NLP cofounder Richard Bandler. Bandler would challenge his students to overcome and change his beliefs about a given wacky topic such as "The world is flat because I can't see the curvature of the earth."

No matter what arguments and logic his students came up with, Bandler was able to deftly deflect the arguments to win the students over to his thinking. Dilts started to notice certain patterns that Bandler used, and began to model them. He discovered 14 patterns and documented their use. These patterns eventually became the basis of sleight of mouth.

I will be giving a workshop/training tonight where we will go over several of these patterns, and then drill them into our permanent memory with lots of useful, real life exercises.

Remember, the first meetup is free, and afterwards a $10 donation is requested. We now have plenty of room, so feel free to bring a friend!

Look forward to seeing you tonight.