Languages in time and space: the view from large scale social media analysis

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Our April 2 meetup features Bruno Gonçalves, VP Data Science & Finance at JPMorgan Chase, speaking on "Languages in time and space: the view from large scale social media analysis." Our program starts at 6:30 pm, following 30 minutes of networking (and refreshments) starting at 6 pm. Thanks to WeWork 25 Broadway for hosting and to Amenity Analytics for sponsoring!

Bruno's talk abstract: The advent of online social services coupled with GPS-enabled smartphones resulted in the accumulation of massive amounts of data documenting our individual and social behavior. Using sources such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Google Books and others, this talk will present how languages are used across both time and space. In particular, we will analyze how language dialects can be defined based on how they are used in the real world. We will also analyze how English usage changes from place to place and over time and how languages can be used to identify communities within the urban environment.

And his bio: Bruno Gonçalves is currently a Vice President in Data Science and Finance at JPMorgan Chase. Previously, we was a Data Science fellow at NYU's Center for Data Science while on leave from a tenured faculty position at Aix-Marseille Université. Since completing his PhD in the Physics of Complex Systems in 2008 he has been pursuing the use of Data Science and Machine Learning to study Human Behavior.