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Do you ever desire to become a more elegant communicator? Do you seek to be the #1 champion in your professional field? Or do you finally want to hone your soft skills (people skills) and fortunately explore your hard skills at the best level?

Have you ever wondered when people say: "Your hard skills get you 'into the door'. Your soft skills will get you the job or the order & maybe even a new friend !"

Possibly we've heart that NLP* has already helped millions of people achieve greater success, increase confidence, enrich relationships and overcome fears? *(stands for: Neuro Linguistics Programming)

You may have already studied NLP techniques & language patterns from books and tapes. Could it be that you realized it's best to fine-tune your non-verbal communications skills with a study group to further improve the process of communication growth, personal development and with all that your social skills?

Obviously if you're a novice to NLP, you cannot afford NOT learning and mastering language patterns & tools to help you advance in your career and to better your relationships. Don't you agree? Did you ever wonder why NLP communication techniques are not taught in school? How quickly can you imagine really seeing the personal and professional benefits of applying NLP?

Ultimately start learning, practicing, improving NLP today. This practice group offers a highly interactive study environment. You’ll be among managers, entrepreneurs, educators, mentors, students from such areas such as: arts, legal, technical, advertising, social networks, medical, marketing, finance, global commerce, social work, sciences, international trade, digital strategies.

Master communicators, distinguished councilors/litigators, peak sports performers, heads of state, skilled talk show hosts, sales champions, motivational speakers, highly effective negotiators, certified coaches, business communications experts, behavioral economists and many more - all of them have learnt well the art of communication and have added it to their hard skill knowledge base. Certainly you can learn how to be a skilled communicator too, don’t you think so? Did you ever wonder why some people claim that communication equals wealth?

Did you know that the mastering of NLP helps whatever you already do reasonably well, do even better. Did also ever wish to better interpret body language? Why not now all give it a try, don't you agree? Join this Meetup NOW. Luckily all exercises are highly student-centered. We follow the 'learn-by-doing schooling' approach.

WHY IS THIS NLP-MEETUP SO UNIQUE ? Having been established in January of 2007, we are the oldest (10+ years) NLP Meetup in the Midwest. Fortunately we can claim a high ratio of 'NLP-novice to NLP-certified' attendees at our hands-on, action-powered meetings.

CAUTION: Any potential applicant whose sole intention is to promote real estate, mortgages, insurances, investments or multi-level marketing opportunities is NOT considered a good match for this Meetup. Thank you.

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