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NLPToday goal is to attract a group of people committed enough to themselves and finally not having an excuse where their business is, because together we are going to collaborate to get you to higher ground.

Many people are interested in using NLP in their roles as coaches, business and sales people, and therapists.

From the mid 1980's NLP has amassed a very large number of tools and approaches. It is not a single theory. It draws from any successful person or practice that it can "model." Over the years, diverse approaches and trainings (and quality!) have been called NLP.

This group will focus on the most useful and up-to-date aspects. The members are mostly experienced people who are good at separating fact from fiction in order to focus on getting real-world results. That will make this a very exciting and practical group.

NLP is not about metaphysics or manifestation (magic). It deals with the subconscious mind in a realistic, scientifically-grounded way. When it works like magic, it isn't really magic at all.

This MeetUp has attracted a good number of members, considering that NLP is a very niched topic.
Although we may have other types of meetings, the active members are currently having presentation/discussion meetings for intermediate to advanced NLP trained people. Folks with basic NLP knowledge from reading might also enjoy the meetings.

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