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Concurrency in .NET and Angularfying Your ASP.NET MVC App

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Concurrency in .NET (Mårten Rånge)

Herb Sutter ( says that the concept of Concurrency is easier understood if split into three sub concepts; scalability, responsiveness and consistency. This presentation is the first of three covering these concepts, starting off with everyone’s favorite: Scalability – i.e. splitting a CPU-bound problem onto several cores in order to solve the problem faster. I will show what tools what .NET offer but also performance pitfalls that arise from an escalating problem that plagued computer architecture for the last 20 years.

Mårten Rånge is a Senior Consultant at

Angularfying Your ASP.NET MVC App (Sirar Salih)

Since the dawn of web, the client-server model has set the very foundation of what we know as the Internet. Ever since the beginning, the basic principal has been; servers doing heavy work while thin clients displaying results. We are however living in changing times, and the need for client efficiency and good user experience is ever so increasing. With the immense increase of JavaScript frameworks, this is becoming a whole different ball game. We take a look at AngularJS, a JavaScript framework which - combined with our ASP.NET MVC application - enables us to increase client efficiency and avoid server bottlenecks.

Sirar Salih is an experienced .NET Consultant working for Itera. He enjoys holding presentations and is a board member of NNUG Oslo.