Building PWA with ASP.NET Core & Intro to Azure Application Insights

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Building PWA with ASP.NET Core - Kristóf Czimer

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a technology that is capable of delivering engaging user experiences on all devices such as Mobiles, Tablets and desktop PCs. With the help of service workers the application can rely on the network as an opt-in feature. The capability of working offline enables PWAs to start up fast, and the user to browse the contents reliably without the app breaking due to a connection error. The look and feel of these applications is native-like, yet enables developers to develop the application without the need to learn native programming languages to the device.

In this presentation following the introduction to what PWAs are and how to create one, we will discuss the limitations regarding what these application can and can not do. Since the technology is quite new, there are some challenges in the different browsers to support PWAs. We will discuss some tricks and tweaks needed to have the application deliver the same native-like experience on all browsers and operating systems.

We will discuss building a REST API with ASP .Net Core and how it can be integrated with a PWA using a JavaScript client side library (or framework services such as AngularJS, Angular, React etc). The .NET applications can provide the necessary data to be cached on the client side. We will also discuss additional libraries that can provide duplex communication between server and the PWA client and ease the use of cache on different devices.

Kristóf Czimer is a Software Engineer at ALLWIN Informatics. He has been working as a .NET developer for the past 5 years and holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. He is open-minded and focuses on modelling complex systems while constantly learning new technologies. He has worked on several projects measuring and visualizing biomedical signals (ECG, EEG, HRV, Posture, etc.), providing statistical data and analytics for R&D projects.

Kristóf was developing Advanced Visualization and Patient Registration Software for Siemens’ MR and CT scanners aiding physicians in diagnosing rare diseases. Among his responsibilities was to develop features for Patient workflow and data orchestration in addition to generating reports based on findings by physicians. He contributed in the integration of the reporting subsystem with 3rd party and business applications. He is experienced in developing Applications and Configuration software for KUKA Robot operating systems.


Intro to Azure Application Insights - Stig Lytjohan

Come and learn about Application Insights, Microsoft's Application Performance Monitoring service in Azure. In this session I will explain what it is, how to enable it in your app and demo the different features in the service.

Stig Lytjohan is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, focusing on application development with PaaS services in Microsoft Azure.