Lets play games at IHOP!!!

Hosted by North Valley Games!

Public group
North Valley Games!
North Valley Games!
Public group

Every week on Monday, Friday


4205 W Bell Ave · Phoenix, AZ

How to find us

We are usually in the back room. =)

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Welcome to the North Valley Games! We meet every Monday and Friday night at 5:00 pm.

We are a very pleasant and fun group! Do not feel embarrassed if you do not know how to play a game. We are very patient and are willing to teach everyone!

We play mostly Euro games like Ticket to Ride, Power-grid, Settlers of Catan, Mysterium, Great western Trail, Terra-forming Mars, Flashpoint, Quartermaster General, Acquire, Le Havre, Stone Age, Last Will, Dominant Species, Alchemists, Dungeon Petz, Coup, Star Wars Rebellion, and the list goes on and on. Basically anything Euro-styled or stratagey games.

On Fridays we do have a few players that also like Scrabble, Skip-bo, Rack-o, Rumi-cube, Sequence, and simliar style games. Games like Monopoly and the like never hit the table, nor do we play RPG's.

We have the back room to ourselves and can stay for as long as we want. People come and go throughout the whole night. You are welcome to show up at any time and join in, as games start and stop all night long. Each game can last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the game. And remember, we are a very patient group so don't be shy to try a new game! ;)

Please remember to RSVP and give us a time you can make it so we know how many people are showing up and when.

Just a few things more... (your'e almost there...keep going...don't give up now!)

Please note: IHOP has been very generous to offer us our own room to play in. We do ask that you buy a dinner, breakfast, meal or a side dish and leave at least a 20% tip because we play there all night long and the servers work hard to give us good service.

This is an adult group but teenagers are allowed, as long as accompanied by a parent or guardian.

So please come join us and make some new friends! We are patient and happy to teach any game and encourage everyone to bring games!

Hope to see you there!


North Valley Games