What we're about

Oasis is, quite simply, a secular alternative to faith-based community. We want to give people the sort of community experience that many of us experienced in churches growing up, but without the dogma. A place where we can refresh ourselves among people who share our secular, humanity-focused values. Oasis communities participate in discussion groups, neighborhood potlucks, community service and charity events, all of the types of things you would expect from an extended local community.

At Oasis, we think:
1) People are more important than beliefs.
2) Reality is known through reason.
3) Meaning comes from making a difference
4) Human hands solve human problems.
5) Be accepting and be accepted

Past events (114)

Opioids- Facts vs Myths

589 N Main Street

Robin Davis: You Are Worthy

On Pitch Performing Arts

Tammy Ellis, LCSW: The Importance of Porn Literacy For Youth

On Pitch Performing Arts

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