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While new blockchain technologies have slowed down in the past couple of years, 2019 highlighted a renewed interest in decentralized applications (DApps) across various blockchain networks. As we move away from CryptoKitties and the various gaming DApps, we are, more recently, seeing more sophisticated Decentralized Finance Applications, or DeFi applications, that that aim to improve on different aspects of the current financial system through the introduction of a decentralized layer in order to disintermediate rent-seeking middlemen, in addition to other DApps such as identity management and cross-border payment solutions.

One blockchain network above all, Ethereum, captured the strongest growth in its distributed app ecosystem, breaking the expectations that other projects would displace it due to the potential impact from pending Proof of Stake and Sharding as the network completed key upgrades to position its for Serenity ending 2020.

Ethereum gained massive growth in all dApp categories, including gaming, gambling, collectibles, and decentralized finance (DeFi). Ethereum also revealed significant dApp volumes based on token usage, expanding the economy. Much excitement are brewing with Ethereum blockchain ecosystem and now is the best time to get involved!

NOVA Ethereum Blockchain Group focus on all things Ethereum. If you want to learn and experiment with any of the following:

• Ethereum blockchain technology

• Smart contract development

• Smart contract audits

• Ethereum blockchain development

• Decentralized apps

• etc

Then this Meetup Group is perfect for you. Ideal candidates for the Meetup are individuals with interest in emerging blockchain technology, with some exposure to cryptocurrencies, and some basic programming or cybersecurity, or simply just want to learn more or to tinker with emerging technologies.

The Meetup format will be a combination of presentation and hands-on either in person or via teleconferencing. Welcome the group and we are looking to meet everyone at the next Meetup!

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