Assemble Build Group 11 3D Printer Kits! & BG11 Kickoff :-)

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Nova Labs

1916 Isaac Newton Square West · Reston

How to find us

Orange Bay - we'll take over most of it.

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• What we'll do
Kit assembly is a 2-3 hour process, assuming good help :-)

Learn how to use a parts scale, then burn that memory into your brain by counting screws! Other exciting activities include cutting wires to length and moving parts from one box to another.

No experience required!

3D Printer Kits will be available for purchase after assembly; 3d Printer Build Groups are a group buy, where 25-30 people get together to build the same printer at roughly the same time.

The build group has help sessions every Monday evening, from 7pm to 9pm. They are entirely optional. Please come if you'd like some help or simply some company - and if you're more advanced, come help out your fellow makers!

Cost of the printer is $400 for members, $450 for non-members.
Preferred payment is check to Nova Labs, given to Brian Jacoby or Paul J Chase. We do this to reduce fees paid for credit cards; for alternate arrangements see Paul or Brian.

This price includes all the parts you need to make a Nova I3 printer, redesigned for lasercutting by Graber and customized by Paul J Chase. It does not include tools, but those are minimal or borrow-able from the labs.

Nova I3 Curriculum Vitae:

This is a high-end machine for a mid-range price.
- The machine has an 8x8x6" build volume.
- Mark 3 Aluminum heated bed
- All-metal E3D hotend - .4mm nozzle
- MKS electronics with LCD and SD card reader
- Features auto-leveling using a capacitance sensor
- 24volt power supply - motors get higher torque, beds heat faster and fans melt if you plug them in wrong. It's basically better in every way :-)
- Upgradable to Bowden extruder, and to dual Bowden extruders. The MKS electronics may be upgraded with a touch screen and a WIFI interface as well.

Random Fact
40% of the printers I own are I3s, 60% of them are Prusas.