MW: Women's MIG Welding 101

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Hey ladies, Rosie may have riveted fighter planes, but Wendy the Welder built the battleships, one arc at a time. Learn to melt metal to other metal in this all ladies format. In this class we will walk through best safety practices and techniques for using our Miller Matic 211 welder.

Sign off: MIG welding

Clothing: Please do not wear synthetics. Closed toed shoes required. Long pants highly recommended.

Prerequisites: NONE if you just want to try it!!

***For sign off so you can come back and work with the welder to build your own then you'll need:

1. Documented Nova Labs Green Orientation class.

2. Metalshop Yellow is required to use the welding equipment independently and without supervision. If you do not have Yellow, with this MIG 101 class sign-off, you may use the welder on Metalshop Mondays and with supervision while you wait for the Metalshop Yellow Tools class.

Note: If you arrive at the class without the prerequisite, that is a safety violation and you will not be able to attend or receive a refund.

Note: If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, that is a safety violation and you will not receive a refund.