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Encouraging Women and Girls in STEM and Making

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Featuring Elizabeth Dougherty from the US Patent and Trade office where she is the Director of Inventor Education, Outreach, and Recognition. We'll also hear from several of our key members who actively make, share, lead, and invent at Nova Labs.

"Encouraging women to participate in STEM fields is not an issue of competing with men or debating whether men or women are better in these fields; it is about recognizing and accepting differences and the success that diversity can bring. The world needs more individuals in STEM to solve the challenges facing our world today and in the future. Women make up more than half of the world’s population, yet the vast majority of STEM positions are held by men. It is a given that an incredible amount of talent is going untapped and unrecognized. Women bring creativity, vision, and talent to any equation they participate in, so we need to do everything we can to make them part of the equation." Dougherty