AC: Build your own Diorama

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Price: $35.00 /per person
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Learn how to turn your scale models, 3D printed figures, and collectables into an interesting diorama for display. Add realistic details you make of repurpose such as buildings, walls, fire, water elements, grass, boulders, etc. These skills are also useful for school projects and science fairs. Each student with have access to a variety of materials and a base and will leave with a gorgeous and individualized diorama. This is a supply intensive hobby, but the price of the class included access to a VAST variety of supplies and a maker with decades of experience.

BRING YOUR MODEL AND YOUR OWN IDEA please. We can give you lots of supplies, but you have to have an idea. See examples here, on the bog and all over the web.

Adults, teens, families welcome.

Note: depending on the project you are thining of, bring your model, super glue (gel), can of clear matte lacquer, twigs, sticks and smaller pebbles and rocks depending on what they are thinking...and an idea.

README: Parents, first, if you are helping your child make, just pay for one spot. We have lots of room! Second, this event requires some pre-thinking from you and your family. HELP! This will be an awesome experience if you do some pre-discussion and planning so you have an idea and some objects to include in your scenario/diorama. Do something creative!