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WW: Woodshop Red Tools Sign off


Price: $55.00 /per person
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Get signed off on the 3 key tools that advance your skills in woodworking the planer, jointer, and table saw.

Sign-off: Red Tools Safety
Allows ONLY supervised use of SawStop Table Saw, Grizzly Jointer, and Delta Planer
***You must take the hands-on test to get permission to use these tools independently.

Prerequisite: Nova Labs Green Orientation (GO!) required if sign off is desired. Yes, you may take this class before GO if sign off is not desired; or you must GO within 30 days to obtain the sign off.
NOTE: Yellow woodshop is NOT a prerequisite for Red woodshop class

Safety Requirements: Students must dress appropriately for work in the shop: comfortable closed toed shoes, natural (wool, cotton, leather) fiber clothes, no loose clothing, tied back hair (& beard). Eye protection must be worn, hearing protection is encouraged.


Start by learning the first step in any woodworking project – getting your wood boards straight, level, true, and square (milling). For this, you'll need the planer and the jointer. Noisy tools, but amazing project results! You will learn to set up and use the jointer, planer, and table saw to achieve straight and square boards, cut to length and width for your project. Class recommended for inexperienced or moderately experienced woodworkers. Ask about our accelerated class for VERY experienced woodworkers who can demonstrate knowledge. After taking this class, you are able to use the tools during any of our 3 supervised Woodshop Open Office Hours. When you are ready, just demonstrate your acumen with the tools and receive your full, documented Sign off so you can use the tool independently. This process can be fast or slow, but it will mean you are a safe and practiced woodworker!

--> Conditional sign-off means "you're OK to use these tools when a shop steward or sign off instructor is around and watching". Makers must demonstrate the ability to safely use the tool to get signed off (independent tool usage). This class results in a Conditional Sign-off, but there is plenty of support for you to practice and gain full sign-off. This is a safer approach for inexperienced and moderately experienced woodworkers. You'll really learn and get comfortable with the tool before doing this on your own. We totally got your back.

--> Full, Documented Sign-off: Allows independent, unsupervised tool use. Once ready, the maker who has taken this class can demonstrate his acumen with the tool to receive full, documented Sign off in the Nova Labs Database. Moderate or experienced woodworkers may be able to test out sooner.

**Refunds are not available if you do not meet the safety requirements below!