RO: FLL Skillbuilding Workshop #1


Are you an 8 to 14-year-old robotics enthusiast? Come, form an impromptu partnership with up to 3 other young engineers, and choose an Into Orbit Mission that looks interesting. Then build and program an EV3 Mindstorm robot to successfully complete that mission.

This is one of ten 2-hour off-season, non-competitive workshops to develop the skills necessary for LEGO robotics and the FIRST LEGO League competition. $10 per session, sign up via Meetup.

PARENTS: Are you the parent of an 8 to 14-year-old robotics enthusiast? Each session is designed to coincide with a great class, monthly meetup or tour at the Nova Labs makerspace. This workshop runs at about the same time as the MW: MIG 101 Sign Off class, so check out this exciting safety sign-off certification while your child explores LEGO robotics. Be sure to sign up and pay separately for that event.

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