EL: Introduction to Basic Electronic Circuits


Hands on learning with both real components, breadboard, and testing equipment. Makes great connections for using the Nova Labs Electronics Toolbench.

**Bring your Own notebook if possible.

1. Students are introduced to the basic electronics concepts using TinkerCAD Circuits' amazing electronics simulator. Build and experiment with electronic circuits in a visually accurate, functional simulator that is designed for easy use. No components to buy, no soldering. With TinkerCAD you can learn to work with a variety of components, breadboards, test instruments, sensors and there are even Arduinos and displays you can program (not covered in the basic class).

2. Get hands on practice by building with read components.

* This is an adult class, but beginners of all ages are welcome.

Prerequisites: None.
* You'll need to sign up for a free account at Tinkercad before class so come early and get this done or do it at home. You can use our computers in the lab. Optional to bring your own computer so you can set it up to continue learning at home.