WW: Woodshop Bandsaw Red Sign off

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This hands-on class will teach students the basics of the NL woodshop bandsaws. The class period is first spent discussing and demonstrating bandsaw anatomy, safety principles and practices, and rules of the road. The remainder of the class period is spent on several hands-on exercises for rip, cross and freehand cutting as well as resawing. If time allows, exercises may include cutting irregularly shaped objects like logs (or lawgz, if you're from the South)

Students who demonstrate the suitable skill and knowledge at the conclusion of class will be signed off immediately.

Tool Sign-off: All Bandsaws (Rikon, General, Grizzly)
Prerequisites: Nova Labs Green Orientation (GO!)*

Mandatory Safety: Wear closed-toed shoes, and safety glasses. We can supply safety glasses if needed, but cannot supply shoes. Things that present an "entanglement hazard", like long hair or dangly jewelry should be tied back or removed.

Class required for everyone, regardless of experience level.

*You may take this class before taking GO but you may not use the tools listed except when supervised by a certified adult or key member. You have 30 days to take GO or the sign off is forfeited.

**Refund and Events Policy: https://www.nova-labs.org/class-and-event-policies/

No refund if the student is non-compliant with the safety dress requirement or more than 15 minutes late for class.