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This class will introduce you to the router, the single most versatile tool in the woodshop. With the right accessories, the router can do it all. Learn to use a router safely and a few basic techniques. The class covers basic operation, safety concerns, and a few particulars of using these tools at Nova Labs. If you complete the class and demonstrate your proficiency, the instructor will certify you to use the routers.

==>>You MUST review the slides prior to attending: https://nova-labs.org/wiki/_media/groups/safety_checkoff_for_router.pdf

- Sign off: Router Safety
- Tools Covered: Routers
- Prerequisite: Nova Labs Green Orientation* and you MUST review the slides prior to attending
- Mandatory Safety Dress Code: Woodshop dress code enforced. Comfortable closed-toed shoes; no loose clothing; and hair/beard tied back.
Class required for everyone, regardless of experience level. After taking this class, you are able to use the tools during our supervised Woodshop Open Office Hours. When you are ready, just demonstrate your acumen with the tools and receive your full, documented Sign off so you can use the tool independently. This process can be fast or slow, but it will mean you are a safe and practiced woodworker!

*You may take this class before taking GO but you may will not receive the sign off and may not use the tools covered except when supervised by a certified adult or key member. You have 30 days to take GO or the sign off is forfeited.

**Refund and Events Policy: https://www.nova-labs.org/class-and-event-policies/

No refund if the student is non-compliant with the safety dress, you arrive more than 15 minutes late, or the you do not review the slides BEFORE class.