CNC Open Office Hours (Matsuura, Shopsabre, and CAD/CAM)

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Nova Labs

1916 Issac Newton Sq West · Reston, VA

How to find us

[Shopsabre (wood shop) || Matsuura (metal shop)]

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Come by to learn how to cut stuff with giant robots!!

Signed off on the CNC mill or router, but need a bit more help getting started? Want some input or a second set of eyes on a current or future project? Do you need a refresher on the necessary steps for making something on the CNC tools? Not signed off yet, but have some questions or want to see this tool in action? Want CAD/CAM help?

Between our CNC router and mill, we can cut basically any material (wood, plastics, composites, metals, etc.). With proper setup, these machines can cut high-precision 2D patterns and complex 3D curved surfaces.

Please comment at the bottom of the page with what you want to work on so we can make sure that we have someone ready to help you.