Visual Templates for Facilitation

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What we'll cover:

• Examples of visual templates

• An approach and accompanying best practices for design and production

• A behind-the-curtain case study

• Plenty of hands-on time to design and get feedback

What you'll get:

• A worksheet to guide your design of visual templates

• Examples of visual templates from the top visual practitioners and practices

• A topic-specific resource list

• An icon library to draw from

• Not to mention an understanding of everything from approach design to layout to metaphors to production to testing to usage

What to bring:

• Yourself and your preferred note-taking tools.

Why use visual templates?

You know the feeling.

You’re facilitating a jam-packed agenda. Time is tight, and ticking quickly away. And yet, the participants keep dredging up the same subject again and again. Or they spend way too long on one topic, going deep into minutia that misses the bigger issues.

Or you have That Guy. That Guy who has his own agenda. That Guy who doesn’t think twice about interrupting. That Guy who keeps challenging the agenda, the process, and maybe even you, the facilitator. That Guy who says he’s seen it all, and this isn’t going to work. That Guy who takes all the air out of the room, and argues just to hear the sound of his own voice.

So you get the feeling. The hair standing up on the back of your neck. The pit in your stomach. The palm-sweating sensation that this group isn’t going to achieve what it set out to do, and it’s all going to come crashing down around you.

What if you could hold a perfect mirror up to a group? What if the mirror gave non-judgmental observations to the group about its performance? What if the mirror could help the group achieve total unity of purpose? What if it could show a group the whole process? Not an agenda, but a flow that shows how the process will play out to help them achieve their goals? What if the mirror had objective, visual indicators of how much energy a group was spending on one topic, and more importantly, what gaps remain that still have to be covered? What if the mirror organized the day, captured the content, bounded the discussion, and silently co-facilitated the day alongside you?

A visual template is just such a mirror. Visual templates are large-scale graphic charts with containers of information that reflect the flow of the process. You may have seen the Business Model Canvas, the Graphic Gameplan, the Context Map, and the Five Bold Steps. We’ll cover how to use these and other visual templates, and you’ll practice creating your own visual templates using nothing more than a rough sketch and PowerPoint.

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