Brandy Agerbeck: The Value of Visual Organization

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What content do you capture? How do you shape it? How much or how little structure does your clients' work need? And how do you make sense of it all? In this workshop, Brandy Agerbeck shares what's going on inside her head to do just that.

She'll share her Visual Organization Scale (VOS), an organizing framework to give us all a clear context for our work and the different shapes it takes. With the VOS, you'll learn:

- The importance of visual hierarchy and spatial reasoning,
- How to identify the different cases that need a different mix of words, images, and organization,
- How layout and connection provides context and meaning,
- How to separate the PROCESS of visual thinking from the PRODUCT of art or design for better collaboration and alignment.

Escape from the death spiral of "hear it, write it, draw it, wait for the next thing." Start scribing with more range. Help your participants make connections, see context, feel the flow, and see the essence of their conversation.

Brandy Agerbeck is one of the most experienced and influential graphic facilitators in the visual practice. She is a speaker, author, trainer, and leader in our field.

We will be recording this webinar, and after some light video editing, we’ll post this video on YouTube to make it available to anyone who would like to view it. You do not have to register to view the recorded webinar. But if you CAN attend live, please do! You'll be able to participate, and it helps support future events.