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PLEASE NOTE: due to a schedule conflict, we only have a 2 hour 45 minute window to get everyone shot! Please try to get to the studio as close to 4:30 as possible!

This is for everyone who has been accepted to be on a billboard. All of the following people need to RSVP, along with number of "guests", so I can tell the studio exactly how many people to expect. Your RSVP here is FINAL!


• It’s nice if the models wear solids, or at least not busy prints. It’s OK to have 1 or 2 black or navy blue shirts etc, but in a group photo it doesn’t look good if everyone’s wearing dark colors. So the group photo people might “talk amongst themselves” about colors.

• The background is usually pretty bright so bright colors for clothes are fine, but not essential

• If the photographer is willing to do a little retouching, it’s nice to “de-red” — if faces are quite red or pink.

It’s very nice if people can smile at last a little (if they can do that naturally) - a little laughter is nice - or “look pleasant” if not. Total poker faces don’t work on billboards :) Some messages are more serious and some are light so the look can kind of match :).