• Apple Special Event 🎥

    Supercharge HQ

    Hi iOStronauts! The wait is over, let't gather around the big screen and watch the Apple event together. Our host, Supercharge was kind enough to provide 🍕 and 🍺. RSVP will close 1 day before the event. There will be another event in September, which I will tell more about after the keynote. The event is free but requires registration.

  • WWDC Keynote Party 🍿💻


    I hope everyone is ready for this year's biggest Apple developer event! 🎇 Let's come together and watch the WWDC keynote at Skyscanner Budapest. The event is free but requires registration! 🧾

  • NSBudapest April 🌳

    IBM Budapest Lab

    The programme: Máté Papp (Supercharge) - Intro to GraphQL - Part 2 Máté will continue to spread the magic of GraphQL. After part one, where we covered the fundamentals, this time he’s going to show the iOS related integration, possibilities with some live coding. If you somehow missed the previous presentation stay tuned, it’ll be available on youtube and you can catch up. Eleni Papanikolopoulou (Workable) - Venturing the world of RxSwift unit testing Reactive programming is an emerging discipline that allows to write declarative, asynchronous and concurrent code in a functional way and is continuously gaining popularity and adoption. In this talk we will wander in the unexplored pathways of RxSwift testing infrastructure. Specifically, we will look into the key aspects of testing RxSwift code and we will analyze the different ways to unit test observable streams. Sam Davies (Razeware) - Going Deep with Core Image I think Core Image is an often-overlooked framework that's capable of some really cool things. I'd like to give a quick tour of it, before delving into creating custom filters with Metal kernels to create super-efficient image processing. The event is free, but requires registration.

  • NSBudapest March 🌱

    Supercharge HQ

    Péter Krassay (AutSoft) - Improve your app with Drag&Drop After a quick overview of the Drag&Drop API, I'd like to show you how easy it is to get started in your own application. Following a couple of practical examples, we'll continue to explore some of the more advanced features then conclude with some live coding and a short demo. Máté Papp (Supercharge) - Intro to GraphQL - Part 1 Mate will hold a 2 part GraphQL presentation. The first one will cover the foundamentals of GraphQL. The next is will be in April and it’s going to dive in the iOS development related parts. GraphQL is a new API standard that provides a more efficient, powerful and flexible alternative to REST. It was developed and open-sourced by Facebook and is now maintained by a large community of companies and individuals from all over the world. Supercharge was really nice to provide 🍕 and 🍺 for the event as usual. Big shoutout to them! 👏

  • NSBudapest November - Firebase 🔥 Special

    Supercharge HQ

    I am really happy to announce that we will have a special event this November! 🎉 Kat Fang (Google) will do a workshop about Firebase. What is Firebase? Firebase gives you the tools to develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money. We cover the essentials so you can monetize your business and focus on your users. What will cover the workshop? Things like: sync data using the Firebase Realtime Database, manage Identity and Sign In with Firebase Authentication, store and access files using Firebase Storage etc. Prerequisites: - Xcode - CocoaPods - A test device with iOS 8.0+ or simulator Please prepare these things in advance so we don't lose time installing these. There will be Firebase 🔥 swag, and 🍕 and 🥤. Big shoutout to Supercharge for hosting the event, and Google, for making this happen. The event is free but requires registration.

  • NSBudapest October 🍁

    Supercharge HQ

    This month's programme: Mate Kovacs (Indie) - 1.5 years in the App Store as an indie developer I’m going to show you what it looks like to make my own apps full-time and how it is different from having a job or from freelancing. In the last 1.5 years I released 15 apps and got 350k downloads working solo without founding and a team. Akos Boros (Capturly/Tep) - In Numbers We Trust Finding the right Key Performance Indicators are essential if you would like to build a successful product. In my talk, I would like to show you how to find the best KPIs for your product and what kind of tools you can use to track them. Supercharge was kind enough to provide 🍺 and 🍕 for us. Big thanks for that! The event is free, but requires registration.

  • NSBudapest September 🍂


    This month's programme: Ádám Pelle (Skyscanner): Adding React native to the mix React Native gets you up and running fairly quick and easy by adding an additional abstraction layer and hide native elements. What happens though when you have an existing large-scale native app and want to introduce React Native on the top of that (so-called “brown-field” situation)? In this talk, I’ll cover the difficulties we faced around the integration of two sides and what approach we took to facilitate React Native development in our existing app. Bruno Muniz (Supercharge): ARKit 2.0 Among all the good things that came with iOS 12, ARKit 2.0 was definitely the best one. Sharing and Persisting experiences, Image tracking, Object Scanning and Enhanced face anchors. In this presentation we we’ll see how these things work and how can we integrate machine learning to use ARKit to navigate through the web without having a LCD monitor. Skyscanner was kind to provide us 🍕 and 🥤 for the event, big thanks for that! The event is free but requires registration.

  • NSBudapest August ☀️

    Supercharge HQ

    This month's programme: Alexandre Thomas (Accedo.tv): Apple In app purchase explained When I started to implement in app purchase recurring subscription I was a bit afraid as it includes money and you don't want things to go wrong for the final users. During the talk I will show the whole process on how to setup the system, how to implement it in your app with StoreKit API and share some lessons learnt so you could be more confortable next time you include it in your project. Richard Radics (Supercharge): Simplify your life with fastlane match If you are just starting a new project, it's important to think about how you want to handle code signing. You can go with the manual way, but after a while it can be really exhausting e.g. re-generating the profiles and update the build pipelines every time when the client sends a new UDID. In this presentation Richard will walk through how to convert your iOS project with existing certificates and provisioning profiles to use fastlane’s match and have an automatic setup for handling code signing. Supercharge was kind to provide us 🍕 and 🍺 for the event, big thanks for that! The event is free but requires registration.

  • NSBudapest Summer Beers ☀️


    Hi iOStronauts! Let's get together to enjoy the summer vibes and talk about iOS, software development or your next billion dollar app idea. See you there!

  • NSBudapest June - WWDC Keynote Party 💻 + Surprise 🎁

    Hi everyone! 👋 It's that time of the year again! I hope everyone is ready for this year's biggest Apple developer event! Let's come together and watch the WWDC keynote at @Supercharge (https://www.supercharge.io). I prepared a special surprise for you, it's worth joining! 🎁 There will be pizza🍕 and beer🍺! The event is free, but requires registration.