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Cultivating Inner Freedom - 6 Week Practice Group for Women (Wednesdays)
Cultivating Inner Freedom, is a group for women to learn and practice tools for personal growth together. It creates room for: 1. Sharing and being supported around both the challenging and celebratory experiences of life. 2. Learning & practicing tools that support greater freedom - both within us and in the range of possibility we experience in the world. Each group invites 6 women to come together for 6 weeks. The group can choose 3 tools for personal growth that they believe will be most valuable to them from the options shared below. When: Wednesdays Jan 24th to Feb 28th Time: 7-9pm Fees: Sliding Scale: $150-210 for the 6 weeks* Personal growth tools to choose from: 1. Self-Empathy - Self-empathy, through presence and attunement with ourselves cuts through mental clutter and puts us in touch with what we need or value the most in this moment. From there, we get to make choices to take better care of ourselves. 2. Shifting limiting beliefs/assumptions: Everything we do is based on some unconscious assumptions about people and situations. Sometimes these assumptions can confine our thinking and imagination and limit possibility. Shifting limiting beliefs to more empowering ones involves uncovering our beliefs and consciously trying out new ones. Practicing new ways of thinking and being in real life situations is key to the rewiring process. 3. Inner voice dialogue for greater inner integration: Sometimes, we mentally feel pulled in opposite directions. Different parts of us long for different, we feel stuck and torn apart. Giving voice and language to our various inner parts and their desires, brings multiple underlying needs into our awareness and helps us find creative strategies that satisfy all parts of us. 4. Transforming the inner critic – If you've heard yourself think thoughts like- "Don't try! You'll fail!" or "You are just not as smart/lovable/interesting as xyz!!", or "you will never learn abc!" or some such self-critical thought, its most likely your inner critic running the show! The inner critic can also sometimes operate silently in the form of resistance to things. It can be harsh and stubborn. Logical explanations like "but I know 5 different languages and I just graduated with honors" don't seem to sooth it. Empathizing with its resolve to protect us and uncovering its other needs, help us move around it and integrate its wisdom into our actions. 5. Living in the moment – One powerful way to break free from suffering when we are really struggling with an incident from the past is through simply being with what the challenge 'feels' like in the body right now. Often, a lot of the struggle comes from the memory of the physical or emotional pain we experienced in the past, or our projection and magnification of imagined pain into the future. Letting go of old stories and ideas about the future to simply be with what it feels like in the body right now, grounds us and allows us to respond to the situation at hand. To sign up, write to To know more about my work, take a look at Inner freedom Coaching. (

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