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Empathy Cafe: Empathy Community Building Circle

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How might we design a local empathy based community that supports our deepest values, needs, aspirations and dreams?

Join Edwin Rutsch, Vicki Lapp and others for an empathy circle. Edwin will facilitate so each person will be heard and receive empathy. Our intention for the circle is to foster and build a local empathic community. That is to nurture empathy for ourselves (self-empathy), empathic connection in the circle, as well as, in the larger society & world.

Open to experienced nvc people, as well as those who don't even know what nvc stands for, but appreciate empathetic listening. This is an opportunity to build and establish a sense of community and connection, using simple, easy to use reflective listening techniques.

Meet Every Monday
We will try to meet every week on Mondays, alternating between Berkeley and Oakland locations.

This a free event. Please consider purchasing some food or beverage from the venue to support them in offering the space.

For more information about the circle and Edwin's work, see: ( (

Participants Comments: I Like...

* The structure of this practice allowed/facilitated connection and understanding with my partners.

* Opportunity to listen, share, be heard and be seen.

* Laughter. Reflection leading to further insight.

* I feel nourished by the stories and feelings everyone shared. Nice location. I like that the group is slowing growing.

* People listening rather that giving advice.

* Being heard, not being judged/pressured into saying the right thing.

* Being able to practice empathy, especially reflective listening.

* The intentions setting and lighting the candles. Felt it set a great tone for the group and why we were all there. I enjoyed splitting into the smaller groups so the we could have a lot of involvement in the group.

* Really like this Q&A at the end. Great idea!