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The battle of Gettysburg that took place 150 years ago is mired in controversies that are alive and well discussed even to this day. Was it a "decisive" victory for the Federals? Whose fault was it that Jeb Stuart was absent during the critical initial phases of the battle? Did Ewell let Lee down by not taking Culp's Hill on the second day? One fact with little controversy: Gettysburg is probably the most visited battlefield, with none other than Lincoln being one of the early visitors (Gettysburg Address). Come explore the battlefield with us on this first of a two-part hike, so that you can form your own views. We will visit the battlefields to the North of Gettysburg, the town of Gettysburg, Cemetery Hill, and Culp's Hill. About 10 miles with some climbing. Moderate pace (3-3.5 mi/hr). Bring lunch, water, and good footwear.

Leaders: Patrick, Mike and Mano 240-604-6365(C)

Rating: B

Car pool fee: $12

Park entry fee: None

Hike rating is based on both the linear distance and elevation change with 400 feet of climbing considered equivalent to 1 mile linear distance. The ratings are: A=Difficult (greater than 13 miles); B=Moderately Difficult (10-13 miles); C=Moderate (7-10 miles); D=Easy (less than 7 miles). If unsure start with the Easy hikes and work your way up.