What we're about

The New Vision Interspiritual Seminary (NVIS) is the newest of the interfaith seminaries in the New York City area offering a unique program rooted in the energetic truths of the world's religions - one that brings all of these truths together to find the spark of Oneness in all of them. Our seminary is academically substantial and spiritually grounded while adding the dimensions of personal growth and development. This specialized curriculum goes further into understanding and working with the energetic shift of consciousness which is happening right now on our planet. This discussion group will explore from the highest place of positive energy, light and tolerance: what it means to work with the energetic shift of consciousness - deep personal development and advanced spiritual practice in a new and different way - what it means to become a "Universal Human" as spoken about by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futurist and World Leader - the mystical/energetic aspects of religions along with inner work - interfaith perspective through comparative religions, focusing on compassion, connection with community and the Inner Divine. We welcome all Seekers of Light, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, race or creed. We encourage clergy, teachers and leaders from many spiritual paths, as well as psychology and healing professionals to join us. Welcome to a New Paradigm in Interfaith Understanding!

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