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Welcome to NW DC Living! This is a friendly gathering place for residents of NW DC (and other areas of the District) to meet our neighbors, discover local events, and celebrate living in NW DC!

We host a monthly social to get acquainted, support local businesses, and enjoy a good time together. We may also meet for other events throughout the month such as hikes, dinners, lectures, museum exhibits, movies, gallery openings, live music, whatever looks good. Whether you're a newcomer to DC or you've lived here all your life, you're welcome.

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Hello, neighbor, come on in and have fun!

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Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin


March 20 may be the spring equinox, but every Washingtonian knows that DC Spring arrives when the cherry blossoms make their glorious return! While you can spot these delicate beauties all around the city, nowhere are they as stunning and Insta-worthy as the Tidal Basin. Because of this, the crowds during peak bloom are sizeable. It's best to go early--dawn is ideal--but we'll give ourselves a break and meet a bit later (it is going to be CROWDED). If at all possible, take a mode of transportation that does not require you to find parking. Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring your favorite photo-taking device. ETA: Forecast is out, and peak bloom is predicted to be April 3-6. Best viewing is supposedly 4-7 days after peak bloom begins, so hopefully we're right on time for the best of the blooms! Note: this event may be updated again should the forecast change.

Hamiltunes DC: Just Try to Tax Our Whisky

Mackey's Public House

Rise up! Ready to belt out your favorite tunes from Hamilton? We'll be in the room where it happens. Whether you're A.Ham or A.Burr, or you're Helpless, or even if history *doesn't* have its eyes on you, don't throw away your shot! Raise a glass to freedom! Narrow down the million things you haven't done and hit the stage (or sit back and tap your feet) for a revolutionary sing-along. Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now! Okay, I'll knock it off with the lyrical references. But just you wait... Work! -Pre-Show Happy Hour @ 6:00pm -Hamiltunes DC @ 6:30pm -Intermission after Act One -Act Two @ 8:30pm Each attendee must purchase a ticket in advance: https://bit.ly/2SYx6Vt Please RSVP here on Meetup ONCE YOU HAVE PURCHASED A TICKET. This event will sell out, so we need a precise RSVP number to coordinate and get seats together. Each attendee will pay for their own food/beverages. Please be gracious and tip appropriately so our group will always be welcomed. Should anything change with your schedule, please be a decent human and update your RSVP.

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Thai Food with Friends

Beau Thai Mount Pleasant

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